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Beginning of Act 2, A View from the Bridge, Scene Analysis

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Scene Analysis The scene I have chosen is the beginning of Act 2. It is the scene where Catherine chooses between Rodolfo and Eddie and in my opinion it is a big turning point in the play. The first part of the scene is an intimate one between Rodolfo and Catherine. It is the first time of the play they are alone at home together and is the first time we see them being able to share their closeness with each other. It starts off with Catherine asking Rodolfo if they can move to Italy together. However Rodolfo dismisses this as stupid idea. When Catherine does this she may be testing Rodolfo to see if he really loves her or whether he is marrying her just "for her passport" (to be an American citizen). This is one of Eddie's accusations of Rodolfo. Though when she asks him the question, he guesses that this may be an enquiry of Eddie's. " CATHERINE: Tell me something. I mean just tell me Rodolfo - would you still want to do it if it turned out we had to go live in Italy? I mean just if it turned out that way. RODOLFO: This is your question of his question? " However his answer comes as a surprise to the reader where he outwardly undermines Eddie's thoughts about him, by admitting that he wants to be a citizen, but that he also loves Catherine. ...read more.


This is like earlier on in the play, when he did not want her to take up a job at a plumbing company near the Navy Yard, even though she would have been paid handsomely. "I don't like that neighbourhood over there." (Page 19) He also said, "I want you be with different kind of people. I want you to be in a nice office. Maybe a Lawyer's office someplace in New York in one of them nice buildings. I mean if you're gonna get outa here then get out; don't go practically in the same neighbourhood." (Page 19) Catherine considers Rodolfo and Eddie as rivals over her. This maybe true in Eddie's mind but in Rodolfo's it is not. He says that he is not telling Catherine to forget about Eddie, but that she has come to the stage in her life where she must leave him. After this Catherine and Rodolfo go into a bedroom and we assume that they made love together. I think this signals that she has made her choice between Eddie and Rodolfo, and her choice is Rodolfo. The final part of the scene involves Eddie and this affects the rest of the play. Eddie comes in extremely drunk, probably since he stopped work early that day because it was two days before Christmas, so he spent some time with his friends. ...read more.


But when Rodolfo attempts to attack Eddie he just gives him the same treatment he gave to Catherine, a woman. This kiss is one that is aimed at humiliating Rodolfo and I think it works pretty well. Also I think Eddie did this was to show Catherine that this is the kind of man Rodolfo is, a homosexual. The way Eddie has been brought up has made him believe that just because a man is blond, sings and makes dresses, he is gay. We know that this is not the case but Eddie thinks otherwise. But if Eddie's intention was to put Catherine off Rodolfo, I do not think it worked. All it did was to make Catherine dislike Eddie and may have even strengthened her love for Rodolfo. Even after this when Eddie tells Rodolfo to leave his house on his own, Catherine is still adamant that she will go with him. Finally, we see that has turned a full circle on his view on immigrants. Earlier in the play he said about housing two immigrants, "It's an honour, B. I mean it." (Page 17) But now he is even threatening to tell the immigration about Marco and Rodolfo illegally staying in America. In this scene Catherine clearly made up her mind between Eddie and Rodolfo and she definitely chose Rodolfo. Eddie made an absolute fool out of himself and lost all respect from Catherine. We also saw a more mature Rodolfo who I think showed he truly loves Catherine. By Pawan Subramaniam ...read more.

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