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Behind every great man is a great woman. Discuss this in relation to Macbeth relationship in Act five, six and seven.

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MACBETH COURSEWORK ´Behind every great man is a great woman´. Discuss this in relation to Macbeth relationship in Act five, six and seven. Macbeth is thought to be written between 1603-1606. Macbeth is said to be a ´tribute play´ because he wrote it for James 1 (English king) to please him. This is one of Shakespeare´s head tragedies. ´Macbeth’ is a play which includes darkness, secretive, power, greed, ambition, evil, right and wrong themes and even more. Macbeth is one of Shakespeare´s bloodiest tragedies. It is usually referred as the ´Scottish play´ as it is said to be a great deal f superstition surrounding the play because unfortunate and strange accidents have happened during performances of the play. Act 1 Scene 5 At the beginning of the play, Duncan describes Macbeth as ´noble´ ´valiant´ ´brave´; he is respected y the king. Therefore the audience will be expecting Macbeth to be an important and good character. With his description, Duncan gives the impression of Macbeth as a powerful and brave ´brave´ hero. Although Macbeth´s letter to Lady Macbeth is an accurate version of events, he hints at Lady Macbeth about what he wants. ...read more.


This shows us that Duncan admires Macbeth as well. The readers will know that this couple is loved by these people but they are underneath. So this scene is dramatically ironic and the readers will know that the Macbeth couples are concealing and guilty. In my opinion, Lady Macbeth is two-faced in this scene. I would describe her as sycophantic, deceitful and insincere in this scene because she is talking politely to Duncan where she is actually making sadistic plans. I think the audience will think the same as me in this scene about Lady Macbeth because they will think that she is back-stabbing, untrustworthy and traitorous. Another theme that is being further explored in this scene is appearance versus reality. So Lady Macbeth is more like a man underneath. Act 1 scene 7 At the beginning of Act 1 Scene 7, Macbeth thinks about the plan and decides not killing Duncan as he thinks Duncan is a good man and he likes him. Macbeth says, ?We will proceed no further in this business?. So he doesn?t want to kill Duncan because he has been really good to Macbeth and he has been a good king. ...read more.


Overall my opinion about Lady Macbeth in these scenes is that she is such a cruel, ruthless and cunning person that she even got her husband in trouble. I think that she is two-faced and secretive. She likes to do things undercover; even though she will she will regret it after she will do it. She is over-ruling and a quick-thinking brain. She is more like a ?tomboy? as she does the business the men normally do! Overall, I agree with the statement ?Behind every great man, is a great woman?, but not in this situation. This is because Lady Macbeth is not a great woman so even if Macbeth was a great man, Lady Macbeth wouldn?t be the one behind him. My personal opinion of Lady Macbeth in this play is that she is sly and like to do things undercover. She can influence people with her over-ruling and persuasive character. My opinion of Lady Macbeth doesn?t change at all throughout the play because I think she deserves being haunted by her own guilt. At the end of the play, Lady Macbeth is referred to as a ?Fiend-like queen? which I think it is a fair treatment because she is trying to become a queen but she can?t because of her ?fiend? character! Year 11 Kubra Taskiran ...read more.

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