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Being Different.

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Being Different. Matthew had lived down the street from me most my life, and yet I still knew very little about him except for his name and his disability. Poor Matthew had been born retarded, and also owned many slight disabilities which made the mere act of living more difficult than it should have to be. Matthew was now a full grown man but he had the mind of a nine year old. He looked like an adult, but his actions and behaviour were definitely those of a young child. He walked with difficulty, and was visibly clumsy and uncoordinated. Life had not been easy for Matthew, and it seemed the older he was, the harder things got. When he was younger, even though he was teased by his peers he at least appeared to fit in with his classmates. ...read more.


One day I decided to introduce myself to Matthew. I walked over to the bench and sat down beside Matthew. That afternoon I spent hours just siting in the midday sun talking to Matthew. Somehow meeting Matthew and observing him up close had changed my perception of him. He was truly happy and enjoyed his life completely. He demanded nothing from the day except to pass the hours taking in all the magic around him. Over the months Matthew and I spent a lot of time in each other's company. After a while I found myself no longer pitying the young man but instead in an odd way I longed to be in his world for just a while. My life was fast paced and before meeting Matthew I never made the time to appreciate the smaller things in life. Matthew had taught me to be able to appreciate everything about life. ...read more.


I still went down to the park and sat on the park bench wishing one day I would see Matthew sitting there waiting for me. One day after returning home from work I noticed a parcel in my letter box, I got it out and looked for a sender but I couldn't find a name. I opened the package and pulled out a picture frame. In the picture frame was a drawing of the park. I knew straight away who the parcel was from and my face lit up. There was no forwarding address; no letter explaining why he left without saying anything but that no longer mattered to me. I was just so happy to have met someone like Matthew. Matthew had taught me that not matter who you are, or how hard life can be, you can be happy in life if you appreciate the smaller things in life. ...read more.

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