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Being in love.

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zach Human Sexuality Paper On Love Due 11/4/03 "BEING- IN- LOVE" There are various definitions for the word love. However the definition I felt most represented the word was, love was a feeling of intense desire and attraction toward a person with whom one is disposed to make a pair; the emotion of sex and romance. Love to me is a word that is so beautiful and sincere. Awkwardly enough I am 23 years old and have never been-in-love. I have never been involved in a serious relationship nor have I yet to engage in intercourse. I envy people who are in love and are happy because it seems has though it is the greatest feeling on earth. Sometimes I truly wonder if I will ever find love or be in love because it's something I want so bad yet have never found. Honestly I feel that I have missed out (not because I have not had sex-well partially) but because I want someone to love me for who I am and I want to do the same. Everyone tells me I am way to picky and that is why I have not found 'the one', but truthfully I feel I should be. I must admit that I wonder why I have not found someone to love/love me, like so many of my best friends and siblings have. ...read more.


Still it wasn't really love. Then I thought I was in love with a bunch of my older sisters friends beginning around the same age. Probably around my sophomore year in high school I started to fall in love with a friend of mine. Someone who I had built a genuine friendship with first. I remember the love growing with her over time. At one point I was absolutely mad about her. I had to talk to her all the time. I had to see her. I loved, loved, loved everything about her. The way she walked, talked, joked, laughed, smiled -everything. But most of all I loved the way she made me feel about me. She made me feel wanted, important, desired, loved. When you're crazy in love and so is your partner, you both have made one another feel so spectacular that nothing else matters. I can remember meeting another girl who I had a connection with almost immediately. She was beautiful, smart, articulate and really into me. That's what made it die so quickly. We were really into one another in the first few days of meeting and we had almost everything in common, but her attention was overwhelming and it scared me. Looking back on it I realize that I was in fear of what might happen. ...read more.


He calls it the fear aspect. Is it going to end? When? Am I going to get hurt.' These are all negative questions that no one knows nor do they want to know the answer to. When I asked Tommy to share his thoughts and feelings about being in love, and what his opinions are about romantic love he feels that being in love feeling is great and absolutely everyone alive should get to experience it. He believes that it really lets you know what the great part about being alive is, and everyone ultimately strives for it. He claims romantic love is a good criterion for a long-term partner as long as you're factoring in some other variables, such as: Are you compatible? Can you converse at great length? Is it the type of person you respect and want to be around? If you have those and romance than it's absolutely golden. Tom does believe in romantic love but is not sure if it is a permanent thing. He says that it is up to the people involved to be romantic to one another and keep the feeling moving, going, and growing. Otherwise it will die. Lastly Tommy would recommend anyone to with the experience of feeling passionate love. He says one must trust themselves and be happy with the person they are before they engage in passionate love. My second interviewee Jane Tobin, is a histarical woman ...read more.

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