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Belonging in Ancestors and Feliks

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Fundamentally one can only really feel a true sense of belonging for a nominal moment in time. The actual instance of belonging is intangible and not permanent. Due to this, any form of belonging will involve compromise, sacrifice and some degree of tension as different ideals compete for supremacy. We will continue to accumulate different senses of belonging and disregard the others as we grow, evolve and adapt to different situations. Due to the varying and conflicting belonging ideals, we will become frustrated and the joy of belonging may become a burden upon us at times. This frustration and momentary joy of searching for one's place of belonging are explored in Skrzynekci's "Ancestors" and "Feliks", as well as "Homecoming" a novel by Cynthia Voigt. It implores the audience of these texts to relate to the happenings of the characters in the texts. The texts requires us to place ourselves in the shoes of the characters feeling their sense of connectedness, belonging and self identity through the links of family ancestors and or heritage. The poem "Ancestors" allows the reader to be positioned to feel the connection through our own ancestors and the attributes they bring to the forefront. ...read more.


This conflict is one that creates many difficulties in regards to the way Skrzynekci related to his family and friends. In the first stanza of the poem "My gentle father kept pace only with the joneses of his own minds making" link to the fact that his father was not affected by the outside happenings and he was the only one whom dictated the way in which he did things. This then put strain on Shrzynecki as he began to feel more and more isolated from the new society as his father was rejecting the new practices rather then assimilating. Another present language feature is the use of hyperbole. The hyperbole "ten times around the world" is used to exaggerate Skrzynekci's thoughts in regards to his father. Throughout the poem it is evident that Skrzynekci holds his father in high esteem and wishes not to disappoint his parents by choosing to assimilate into the Australian culture. This leaves Skrzynekci in an isolated state as he does not feel a sense of belonging to either the old or new heritage. In the novel "Homecoming" the theme of belonging runs throughout the entire novel. The novel tells the story of the 4 Tillerman children as they find themselves alone in their car (being abandoned by their mother), some miles from their home, in a shopping mall parking lot in Peewauket, Connecticut. ...read more.


However in both instances the texts allows one to feel as though they are connected even when they feel as though there is absolutely no sense of belonging present. To conclude, all the three texts above illustrate the importance and the evolving nature of belonging. Thus the fundamental necessity to "belong" brings to the forefront that motivation for living, the reason for feeling placed within society and the drive for continuing growth and development on our journey through life. SUPERFLUOUS SHORT SENTENCES ARE MORE IMPACTUAL - CONCISE It may be as though we are unable to really feel a true sense of belonging and the only essence that is closets to true belonging is that to oneself. This would ultimately mean that we cannot be truly be connected to anything until at the end of one's life when we reflect upon all the different places of belonging. It also brings to the vanguard that one can only really feel a sense of connectives or understanding of self if they are aware of their own history. It allows us to no longer feel isolation as we can clearly see where our ideals, motives and values originated. The language features that are present in this text demonstrate these factors and enable us as the reader to further understand the text and its meanings. ...read more.

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