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Belonging "Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock" "As You Like It"

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Belonging: Additional texts summary sheet Text Type: Poem Title: Loves Song of J. Alfred Prufrock Author: T.S Elliot Published: 1915 Audience: Adolescents, Adults Brief description of text (No more than 100 words) "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" is a poem through the eyes of a man yearning for a sense of belonging, both with females and society. It is through fear of humiliation and constant postponement that Prufrock is unable to cast off the shell in which he lives and be more than a mere bystander in life. Prufrock eventually resigns himself to the mindset that life and the opportunity to belong has passed him by, leaving him alienated and with an awareness of his own inadequacy. Identify at least two thesis statements relevant to your text (Use point form) - The greatest barrier to belonging is one's own self perception - In order for a sense of belonging to be expressed security must be forfeited Explain how your thesis statements relate to your prescribed text. ...read more.


Choose ONE thesis statement and identify and explain the effect of TWO techniques which explore the concept of 'Belonging' in your selected text. For belonging to be expressed an individual's security must be forfeited, Prufrock however is incapable of conveyed through the repetition of phrases "do I dare?" and "there will be time" that emphasise the constant postponement of Prufrock's decision to change his life, for fear of how he will be perceived, believing the women will mock him about "how his legs and arms are thin!". Not only this, Prufrock's isolation and self perception are again emphasised through the imagery "sprawling on a pin" "wriggling on a wall" under the gaze of the women to which he yearns to belong. Prufrock feels so alienated that the mere gaze of the women makes him feel like a worm, ready to be dissected. The barrier of belonging due to self perception is the cause of Prufrock's alienation and isolation. ...read more.


As you Like it effectively contrasts The love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock as characters are able to risk security as Duke Senior is cast into exile to an unfamiliar world, it is within the forest that he expresses true feelings of belonging finding "good in everything". The same can be said for Rosalind, Orlando, Celia and Oliver who within the forest all find true love. The barrier of self perception can cause alienation or, when altered, can allow belonging to be expressed to oneself and others. Through the alteration of self perception Rosalind assumes the role of Ganymede, empowering her to express attributes normally reserved for that of males of the time, and Orlando becoming learned "with a kindness nobler even then revenge" as he battles the lioness to save his brother, re-establishing their relationship. It is through the risk of security and a change in which characters view themselves that As you Like it creates a world in which everyone belongs, whether it be to each other or their surroundings. Contrasted Prufrock's failure to alter his own self perception, leaving him alienated with an awareness of his own inadequacy. ...read more.

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