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Ben Bonarius Explain the Effect of Henry V’S Speech As If You Had Been There the Effect of Henry V’S Speech Was Extraordinary.

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Ben Bonarius EXPLAIN THE EFFECT OF HENRY V'S SPEECH AS IF YOU HAD BEEN THERE The effect of Henry V's speech was extraordinary. Men were possessed. Before the speech men were writing to their families. Explaining how they treasured them in their hearts, and they doubt they will see them again. I woke in the mornings with a cold sweat cold, from another restless night. By restless I mean a night of haunting nightmares. ...read more.


I dragged them back, but it was no use, they were all dead. I made sure they had a proper burial. But In this world, it doesn't matter how good a soldier you are. If you are in the wrong place at the wrong time your life is over. The battlefields are a plague of dead bodies. I still can't get the murmuring and screaming of the injured out my head. They are like poltergeists. ...read more.


By he I mean our leader. He injected the entire army with exhilaration. We felt special and "men of grosser blood". Watching him roaring and dictating to us, it was indescribable. Henry V kidnapped our nerves and created frenzy throughout the army. Men were full of malice. It was if we had eaten like Kings. We are imitation "of the tiger", mad and wild. The French will be stoned with fear as we walk on to the battlefields. Like invincible giants. Are "spirits" are high above in the clouds celebrating a victory already. We "are worth are breeding" once again and we will "teach them how to war" ...read more.

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