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Bend It Like Beckham Character Essay

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Charlotte Sarsfield 29.04.09 - Character Essay Describe an important change that happened to ONE character or individual in the text. Explain why this change was important. In the novel The Wave by Morton Rhue, Robert Billings is a student at Gordon High school in 1969. Robert is a recognizable figure and one of the main characters who experiences the most change throughout the novel, and is a recognizable figure. Robert was a shy, timid young boy who was known as the class loser and "Gordon's High's very own untouchable." Robert found school as a difficult subject itself because he knew he could never live up to the expectations of his brother Jeff. ...read more.


Well done Robert." Mr Ross created a group, a community, called the Wave, and Robert Billings was a member. The Wave represented equality and impartiality which is what made Robert change so dramatically. Robert went from class loser, to being an equal with other students because the Wave terminated the specified groups of popularity. Robert became a new person and found his self-identity when he stated without hesitation "Mr Ross, I feel like I have been born again." Robert became Mr Ross' bodyguard due to the fact that Robert believed that the leader of the Wave needed protecting in case anything should happen to him. ...read more.


Robert had come from a situation where, he was not prepared mentally or emotionally for when the change occurred, therefore the result was negative. Metamorphism occurs to Robert and is an important focus in the novel to demonstrate the consequences of the Wave. Robert had never experienced being equal with his peers and the Wave gave him an opportunity which evolved and made Robert change. "Mr Ross, for once in my life I feel equal." Robert's change represents The Wave itself, "A wave represents a pattern of change." Robert is change and The Wave is change. Change is important because it is the moral in the novel that shows how one thing can make a difference and CHANGE a personality and life. "...He seems like a totally new person." ...read more.

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