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Bend it like Beckham

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How do the two trailers for "Bend it like Beckham" utilize film techniques to appeal to their target audience? In this essay I will be commenting on the camera shots, settings and locations, editing, gender, culture, and age in the two trailers. The two film trailers are specified to the two different genders, and they are trying to convince you that the movie will entertain you. The trailers try and attract the audience. A trailers main purpose is to advertise a film. The trailers use stereotyping and use what they assume is what a typical boy or girl would like to see. Most of the time a girl would want to watch a romantic film and a guy would want an action. The women brains are good with compassion and reading emotions were as the guy brain is good with reading Titles, because it is easier for them to see shapes. A stereotype is a fixed commonly held belief or image of a person or group, based on an oversimplification of some observed or imagined trait of behavior or appearance. Each gender is interested in different types of everything. Girls are into compassion, love, and friendship. Guys are more into action and sex. The media uses stereotyping to draw a specific sex into being attracted into a product. ...read more.


The sounds you hear are the dialogue and the music which is the same beat that goes through most of the trailer. In the girl's trailer there is a scene were Jess is in her room watching football on her television. Then her mother walks in the room, grabs the remote, turns off Jess's television, and starts yelling at her. While Jess's mother yells at her, Jess turns to the poster of David Beckham as if Jess was seeking help from him. This scene takes place in Jess's bedroom. The costumes are suitable for each character, Jess is wearing adidas sweat suit and Jess's mom is wearing a long dress with many layers of other clothing. The background music changes at the very beginning it is an upbeat music but as soon as she turns off the television the music changes into a slow beat. In the Boy's trailer there is a scene where four boys are sitting on the bleachers checking out the girls playing football. The boys are at a football stadium. The boy's are all wearing very modern sporty clothing. It is a long shot showing all the boys and their surroundings. The sounds are made up of dialog and laughter. Also, in the background there is a sound that is similar to the sounds that bee's make. ...read more.


The girl's trailer is one minute and fifty-six seconds, and the boy's trailer is one minute and two seconds. It shows that the media is aware that girls have longer attention span. There are two different trailers because each trailer is made for a specific gender. Different genders are attracted to different things. The makers of the trailers want the advertisement to be successful to get more money, and by attracting both genders you will get more audience as a whole. The trailer for the girls, are easy for girls to relate to how three under pressure by their parents, rebelliousness, and striving for their dream. They see how Jess is constantly being yelled at for playing football. The trailer for boys would attract them with the sex appeal of half naked girls in the changing room, sexual noises edited in the trailer, and sexual suggestions, where someone asked if they swapped shirts after the match and the response was absolutely. I think the boy's trailer would be more effective because it really shows the range of boys' interests, but the girl's trailer will only attract a certain type of girl. The girl's trailer is more appealing to me because of the clubbing scene and the funny comments. The music is also very captivating. I think that the boy's trailer is demeaning to all women, it shows women as an item or tool not capable human beings. ...read more.

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