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Beneath the Pipes

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English Coursework - Creative Writing Joss Hawkins 10P Beneath the Pipes When Ralph's teacher Mrs. Pitt announced that his class was going on a field trip he felt a surge of happiness and there was an immediate buzz of excitement throughout the class of thirteen and fourteen year old children. However, the following words which escaped the teacher's mouth did not engender the same kind of enthusiasm. The class were disappointed that visiting the brand new Monster Valley theme park, was not on the agenda. A curly ginger boy, whose surprisingly tall figure appeared to be made solely of knees and elbows, stepped off the bus as his eye caught the sign that read 'NORTH HELLWITH SEWAGE WORKS'. Ralph sighed in chorus with his only friend Callum. Callum's frame was stout and his pale face was painted with spots and freckles. The class was approached by a man who wore an unpleasant grin. "Good afternoon children", his words penetrated like when a wooden chair is dragged across a gym floor. Ralph gave Callum a profound curious look and then turned his attention back to the leering man. "I am your guide for this tour of the sewage works, my name is Mr. ...read more.


He launched himself round several corners to the increasingly loud sounds until, "OOOFFFFF" he was stopped dead in his tracks and fell to the cold hard floor. When he opened his eyes he screamed, "AAAARRRGH" he was staring into the eyes of a completely red demon which had two horns and a massive nose. Ralph was tall but it towered over him; it must have been three times his size and twenty times stronger. "LOOK WHAT WE GOT 'ERE!" the beast snarled and beckoned to others just as threatening. "WHAT WE GONNA' DO WITH 'IM? BEEN A WHILE SINCE WE HAD ONE OF THESE". "EAT 'IM" said a second, Ralph squealed. "RIP HIS BONES APART" a large drop of saliva let go of the demon's face onto Ralph's leg. "NO, WE 'AVE TO GIVE 'IM TO THE KING, HE'D HAVE OUR TAILS IF HE EVER FOUND OUT WE ATE 'IM WITHOUT SHARING". Murmurs of understanding and self pity were heard amongst the gathering demons. Ralph felt himself hoisted up and they carried him off, he fought desperately with flying legs and arms. Ralph was launched into a cave walled cell with long iron bars at the front. A rusty door slammed shut behind him. ...read more.


Callum and Ralph paced themselves up the spiralling corridor with the red ambience growing thinner. The shouts behind them diminished. They eventually reached the boardwalk and were too tired to continue running so they came to a halt. "What time is it?" Callum lifted his chewed sleeve and his battered watch read, "Two minutes past three" they looked at each other in astonishment. The six hours which had passed seemed to have stretched to days. "If we're quick we may just make the bus back to school" so the two of them, once again, heaved their bodies forward. When they arrived at the entrance to the sewage works, Callum heaved a sigh of relief. The air was cooler, fresher and moist, it strew itself on their faces gratefully. They spotted the class lining up next to the bus, it was apparent that a head count was being done. They tried to mingle into the group unnoticed but Mrs. Pitt was aware of their presence. "Callum, Ralph, where on Earth have you been?" she snapped. "Well -", Ralph begun, then he considered the reality of his adventure. "We - got lost". The class boarded the bus and Ralph and Callum landed themselves on a tattered seat. Ralph breathed on the window and wiped it. Just for one moment, he thought he saw a distant red object, disappearing over the valley towards the hills which stood boldly above the landscape. ...read more.

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