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Benedick already loved Beatrice; the gull does nothing more than offer him the opportunity to act on his feelings. Do you agree?

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Benedick already loved Beatrice; the gull does nothing more than offer him the opportunity to act on his feelings. Do you agree? There is evidence for both sides of the arguments, due to Benedick and Beatrice?s constant flitting, name-calling and arrogant personalities, the audience is deceived in believing they despise each other. However the true feelings of love for each other are disguised, as both characters are independent and stubborn, with strong views about the opposite sex. In this way, both aren?t willing to express their true emotions and give in. Most of the the things they say can be interpreted both ways or can have two meanings- positive and negative connotations.They are known as ?Reluctant Lovers.? Even though, their love is sincere compared to other couples in the play. For example Hero and Claudio?s love is based on status, wealth, first impressions and ignorance, whereas their love is based on secret mutual respect and admiration. All the follwinf references to their love happen earlier on in the play before the idea of the gull is introduced. This shows their love is ongoing. Despite all points having both negative and positive sides- but the fact that threre is a positive point to what they are saying shows the deeper, below-surface implication of their love. ...read more.


Both characters constantly insult each other or the opposite sex. The odd thing is that they bring up one another at the most random and unrelated moments. This shows they think about each other continually. Even though reference to one another is used in negative context- it is only an excuse to talk about one another even more. For example the subject is on Don John and Beatrice adds to the conversation: ?Excellent man?in the mid way between him and Benedick.? Benedick says out of the blue: ?creep into sedges:but that my Lady Beatrice?? Most of Beatrice and Benedick?s speeches about eachother are very contrived. This shows they have planned it out well before hand as its not eloquent and is very to the point. This shows their love as they try as best as they can to hide their true emotions from one another- not to give in to their pride or give away their love to others. For example Beatrice?s speech ?the fault will be in music?.sink into his grave? or Benedicks speech: ?will your grace command?employment for me?? This is shown through their euphuistis style of writing There are multiple times Benedick refers to Beatrice in a rude, sexist and un-loving way. ...read more.


Again he refers back to himself. The gull acts as a boost or a motive for them to express their feelings Below the arguing and insults, both characters feel hurt by one another but don?t admit it this shows that they self conscious as they are concerned by the others opinion of them. They obliviously abused eachother thinking its right to do so if the other one did it to. The trick gives them an opportunity to act on their feelings as momenterialy both characters begin to pour their true emotions out aloud. For example when Benedick hears the trick his reactions are bewilderment and joy of acceptance. He says: ?her love must be requinted? as if he is going to obtain her love- the gull has given him the perfect reason to go love her. He also uses an oxymoron by saying ?I will be horribly in love with her.? Even though ?horrible? by itself has negative connotations, in this context it implies the magnitude of his love towards her will be vast. All of a sudden Benedick is madly in love and openly conveys his love towards Beatrice- such emotion can?t occur so abruptly implieng he?s loved her for a long time. This shows the gull gave him a chance to do so and a kick start into asking Beatrice?s hand in marriage. ...read more.

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