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Bernardos Customer Care

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Public Relations & Customer Care Barnardos, Tanners Lane, Parkingside, Ilford. IG6 1QG 6th October 2008 Mr Cheddar Fromage Cheese Cottage, Briedon, Stiltonshire. Dear Mr Fromage, I am writing to you in response to your letter dated 7th October 2008 in which you expressed your 'sheer disgust and shock' at a poster publication which was part of Barnardo's 'End Childhood Poverty' campaign. I would like to answer your queries one-by-one, addressing each complaint as fully as possible, but firstly let me give you some background knowledge on our campaign. Our campaign was part of Barnardo's wider action plan to eliminate child poverty in the United Kingdom. Whilst our government has pledged to end child poverty by 2020, Barnardo's is leading the way to support children throughout the UK. Our prime objective was to educate our core audience, through skilful use of selected media and publications. It seems the majority of people (86%) are unaware that 1 in 3 children in Britain are living in poverty. The target audience were readers of broadsheet newspapers; educated and mindful, but perhaps unenlightened as to the extent of childhood poverty in the UK. ...read more.


They were cared for by a nurse throughout the shooting and no individual was every placed at any risk throughout the whole process. The picture was taken at 'point-of-view' angle, and contrasts the baby against the dirty white background. The point of view angle enable sus to only make selected elements of the picture appear in our image. Further computer enhanced editing culminated in a unique photograph were an image of a cockroach was superimposed onto the baby's mouth. The reason for using the cockroach was to create a metaphor of a defenceless baby, and no one is there to help 'baby Greg' out of poverty and deprivation.] There were many reasons why the poster was a success for Barnardo's. The crying baby affected our emotions - it helped appeal to the audience because man y of us could relate to in our own individual way. The point-of-view shot could be one from a helpless mother's perspective, a metaphor of how no one is there to help lift her and her family out of destitution. ...read more.


The use of imperatives - 'Call... or visit... now' - begs action. Short sentences in the beginning make the text seem dramatic,. As the text progresses, the sentences become longer, providing the explanation. Repetition of the word 'poverty' helps hammer home Barnardo's message, making it stronger and more likely for the reader to act upon. Ultimately, Barnardo's unites the reader with the charity by using the personal pronoun of 'we'. By using this personal pronoun, it enables the efforts of Barnardo-s to be linked with the reader, and making it a shared value. Through the tireless efforts of many individuals Barnardo's has managed to generate awareness on the issue of child poverty in the UK, as well as bring in donations. I have shown you many reasons why Barnardo's has had such a prosperous campaign, and I apologise on behalf of Barnardo's for any offense caused to you; however I have given you an insight into the rationale behind Barnardo's 'End Childhood Poverty' campaign. I hope you continue to have good faith in the efforts of Barnardo's. I wish you well and hope you may consider helping support our causes in the future. Yours sincerely, Your Name Here, Public Relations & Customer Care ...read more.

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