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Best Known and Unknown Dustman

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Best Known and Unknown Dustman Mr. Wang Xiao is famous in my dormitory, everyone in No.53 Building where we live knows him. However, he is so ordinary that few students know his name. Stairs up stairs down, I can always see him busy collecting garbage silently. He is a nice and kind hearted person with few words. Born in 1970, Mr. Wang has being working on the campus for nearly 10 years as a dustman. He discontinued his study after junior middle school, and later he worked in a factory to make a living. Mr. Wang is persistent in love. Why he came to work here made a story which he was fond of relating. In the factory where he worked before, once he met a lady who eventually became his wife. ...read more.


Few things could be more impressive, he says, than the peace that descends on deserted streets when people are tucked away in their homes. There is something comforting about the still trees, with their load of singing birds. Mr. Wang is responsible and conscientious. He works as an order assistant simultaneously, and is in charge of dealing with thefts for bicycles in south part of the campus. According to his companion, Wang could always tip careless people with patience on how to keep their bicycles from being stolen. It works! Fewer people are losing their bikes according to his wise suggestions. I can find enthusiasm in him. He is ready to help those who are in trouble. ...read more.


Perhaps you are clever, and you may find a good job to be a white collar. I'm not clever, but I have two hands to make a living. If I do my best, I can also make a contribution to the world. "He is not a teacher, but he does teach us his optimistic attitude towards life. "I'm not ambitious." he says. That's what he describes as his downside. He is easy to be satisfied. In this world, many people are busy pursuing their ambitious dreams. Mr. Wang's easy satisfaction seems to contradict this general rule. Few could be really escapists. Therefore, he can live a happy life in this busy world. That's his wisdom to do so as well as his wife. Persistence, industriousness, enthusiasm and conscientiousness make a great man, though as ordinary as Mr. Wang Xiao is. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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