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Best of times, worst of times My parents had gone to my dad's work's dinner and dance and my sister had gone

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Best of times, worst of times My parents had gone to my dad's work's dinner and dance and my sister had gone to the pub with some friends. I was home alone. I was sitting in the living room watching the cricket on TV, when I got a phone call: it was my sister, I couldn't understand her and then I hung up, I thought to myself that was a bit weird, but thought nothing of it. She got back about two minutes later, she said "I've been in a car crash" she said. She was with two mates, one had been in the car with her and the other had been driving behind her. Ian who was in the car with her had cuts all over his arms and a few pieces of glass in his head. ...read more.


Whilst one paramedic checked my sister for injuries the other took Ian to the ambulance to remove the broken glass from his arms and head. Whilst I was still trying to contact my parents there was a knock at the door: it was a police man, who had also come to investigate the accident. He asked her what had happened, she explained to him how she had hit a puddle at the bottom of the hill and then aquaplaned across the road and into the hedge the other side. He then breathalysed her to check she hadn't been drinking. The test came back negative. She was asked a few more questions before the policeman left. The paramedic continued checking my sister and said that everything was alright. ...read more.


I grabbed Sammi and I a coat and sat in the ambulance leaving Ian and Faye my sisters other friend in the house. Whilst we were in the ambulance the paramedic carried out some tests. It seemed like forever before we arrived at the hospital. When we finally arrived. I was meet by a strange man. I had never seen him before and he told me that my parents were in the A and E waiting room. I was a bit confused because my sister got taken off in one direction whilst I followed some strange man. It turned out that he had gone out with my parents and his wife that night. Sammi was with the doctor for about fifteen minutes. Everybody was so worried for her. My mum was in tears, but everything was ok. I was so relieved. ?? ?? ?? ?? Stuart Hardy B10C ...read more.

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