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Betrayal - original writing

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Betrayal Chris Taylor 9E This story begins with two young adults, called Paul and Katy, who had been together for almost a year. Their years anniversary was only a few weeks away and Paul had not decided on what he should get Katy yet. So he went to the Jewellery shop on his local high street. The shop was small but had been around since 1942 and was very popular with the people living in the area. As he opened the door the he had to squint his eyes, for the sun was reflecting brightly off all the golden jewels inside. It was a bit like stepping into a safe stashed with treasure. He had been looking around for over half an hour when the old jewel shop owner who had founded the business came over and asked if he needed any help. "Can I help you young lad?" ...read more.


As she opened the velvet covered box her face turned the shade of the locket. She was very pleased with it and tears started to form in the bottom of her eyes. "It's beautiful" she attempted to say, but it came out in a sort of murmur, caused by the amount of tears now falling from her eye lids. They then broke it into the two halves and swore that each of them would keep it for as long as they were together. However the following week Katy had a phone call from her work. Her best friend who was around at the time could see the shade of her face slowly turn paler as the call went on, and could sense that something was wrong. As Katy slowly put down the phone her best mate Sarah asked: " What's the matter Katy?" " That was my boss. ...read more.


Here it is she gave it to me as a present" The man said almost hoping that she would be different. But as he showed it to Paul his face went bright red in anger. It was the very same locket that he had given to Katy on their Anniversary. He was not angered at the man for he could not have known, he was angered at Katy it was not just a present it was his heart and undying love for her that she had just given away. Paul then reached into his pocket and pulled out the locket, and sure enough they fitted together exactly. They then travelled in sync when they drove to Katy's apartment. When they got there they put the two parts of the lockets together, with a photo of both men in them. They then crossed off the word Paul, and scratched on a question mark there instead using a compass. They then posted it through her letter box. The two greatly upset men drove back to England and never saw each over or Katy again. ...read more.

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