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Between 1217 and 1231 Rochester castle and the town defence were up graded this because new weapons were being made

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Sam Prowse Between 1217 and 1231 Rochester castle and the town defence were up graded this because new weapons were being made that were very powerful and could smash though the strongest medieval castle walls. Then between 1237 and 1248 the castles comfort were improved this was because it this time castle were becoming more residential so therefore it needed to be comfortable to live in. In the twenty years after 1217 �680 was spend on the castle �530 of this money was spent on repairing the damage keep and the southwest tower had to be rebuilt because it was undermine in 1215 siege. The tower was rebuilt with a round .A round tower was harder to undermine this was because they don't have a point were the walls join. This did not really stop undermining in the completely because three of the others tower were still square. ...read more.


There were lots of changes to the in because the castle was become more residential so it was made more comfortable to live inside. There was a new chapel and a chamber built inside the bailey. The great hall, buttery and the dispensary all had to be repaired. In 1233 King Henry ordered that the cellars under his chamber and his wardrobe to be wainscoted this means that they would be boarded with wood to retain heat this made the castle a lot warmer. Then in 1239 the king ordered that the chapel was whitewashed and that the 'Christ in majesty' mural be repainted. Five years later the king ordered that a new chapel should be built out of timber and that it should be on floor level this chapel was dedicated to St.Margaret. All of this work cost �132 but in 1254 the ordered that it had an external staircase this because the access before was going through the kings apartment. ...read more.


This shows that Rochester castle still had weakness. Despite all the time and money spent on defensive improvements, the castle couldn't withstand all attacks. New castle after this period were build a lot smaller then the castle that had been built in the previous 100 years. Other castle in this period change there design to make them self's more secure. The first castle design with the use of guns in mind was Queenborough castle it was design so that two great guns and nine smaller guns could be used in the castle at one time. This was unlike Rochester castle which was not design with guns being used against it. Castle after 1264 were often built with round towers, which shows their effectiveness. Other features that were borrowed were dividing walls. This shows that some of the defensive features of Rochester castle had been effective. ?? ?? ?? ?? With particular reference to Rochester Castle can you explain how and why castles changed after 1215 ...read more.

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