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Biddy's Diary

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Biddy's Diary Winter 1813 23rd December The dark and dull nights are ever present in the midst of winter, rain and snow seems to flow constantly. The soggy marshes are becoming almost invisible due to the mist glooming over the barren landscape. My vision is obscured and it is no longer possible to see the hulks prison ships. I write this in the warmth and luxury of the inside. I have just finished getting lessons prepared for the children I teach at the local dame school, well the front room of Mrs Wopsles house and also a small shop. Mrs Wopsle is in charge of the school but doesn't seem to want to teach or care for the children. I shouldn't really be saying this as I am in her residence and she is giving me some work. As I was preparing lessons for tomorrow I noticed the loud noise of cannons being blasted from the hulks. The sound is even more chilling in these dark winter nights. Many convicts from the hulks try to flea the prison and escape offshore. Not many succeed, a lot of these convicts would have been punished for trivial crimes such as stealing a handkerchief but even small crimes could get you capital punishment. The Hulks is renowned for its shoddy and almost cruel conditions, the convicts would be given very little food and a lot of them would die or become seriously ill due to under-nourishing. Although the floating prison is highly unattractive, it became a place for sightseers to visit and take a 'tour of the hulks' as it is called. ...read more.


May 2nd Today was a very significant day that will result in me moving home, Mrs Joe was attacked today. I don't know much about the attack and certainly don't even wish to think about who may have committed this ghastly deed. All I know is that I will be moving to the Forge, with Pip, Joe and obviously Mrs Joe who we will be looking after. I am not really bothered about moving and I am defiantly more than willing to help Mrs Joe on her way back to recovery. Ill probably be doing a lot of cooking which I enjoy anyways so it should be all right. It is also good to know I've got my friends around me with Pip, and Joe. Whereas it was harder with Mrs Wopsle as we always had more of a professional relationship, rather than a friendly one. It was also a significant for Pip and his move to London was a step closer, a lawyer by the name of Mr Jaggers informed Pip of a sum of money he would receive from a benefactor. The sum of money is believed to be around 500 pounds. I am oblivious to who the benefactor may be and quite shocked that one has came forward, Pip's never mentioned anyone like that. Anyway Pip is defiantly made up his mind and is leaving for London later on this week. However I do question his motives, but I have so far managed to keep my mouth shut about it. I do hope he does well down in London its just that there's a feeling inside me that's telling me he wont. ...read more.


the rest of my life with and have children with him...maybe its just a mad thought and I'll feel totally different about it tomorrow. I'll just have to wait and see. Autumn Thou comest, autumn, heralded by the rain, With banners, by great gales incessant fanned, Brighter than brightest silks of Samarcand, And stately oxen harnessed to thy wain! Henry Wadsworth November 13th Today I realised that my earlier feelings about maybe falling in love with Joe weren't fake and I am defiantly in love with the man, he's the man I want to marry. So many things are happening in my world, such as Mrs Joe dying, me falling in love with Joe, my heads filled with different emotions. Not to forget world issues with King George accusing Queen Caroline of adultery and putting her on trial for divorce, Although I'm too mixed up in my own emotions to be thinking about that. If I tell Joe of my feelings I am unsure of how he will react I wouldn't want to jeopardize our friendship in any way, but maybe I'll regret not taking any action if I don't tell him. All I can do is keep thinking about it then if I decide to tell him I will make sure it is at the right time. I wouldn't want to declare my feeling so early after the recent death of Mrs. Joe. Prayer- for Joe, Pip and especially Mrs Joe. We commend into your hands, o' lord. Those whom we have loved you gave their breath, and loved their lives. Receive them now I'm your infinite tenderness, And give them peace. Ian Hunter ...read more.

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