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Big Brother - Cartoon Analysis

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Big Brother-Cartoon Analysis J. Wright contends in his cartoon (The Age 13/5/01) that the public's craving for constant surveillance anticipates that there is something quite wrong with us. He chooses to portray the public as exhibitionists, who do not care that somebody, "Big Brother", is watching them 24/7. We see that there are many cameras in each cell, capturing everybody's moves, and the public does not care. It is only in cell six, with a sign saying: 'Big Brother is ignoring you', that we see the public upset and throwing tantrums like little children. Wright shows the public as egocentric. In every cell, there are one or more cameras. In cell three there is a camera at an ATM, for security reasons, where there is a man taking money out of his account and is reading that he is being watched, then automatically thinks that he is now famous. Thinking that we are famous by being watched by a couple of security guards tells us that we are increasingly becoming superficial. ...read more.


In the last couple of cells, people are actually doing anything and everything to get Big Brother to watch them. By contrasting the change over time, Wright is inviting readers to feel alarmed and begin worrying again. Another technique used by Wright is showing the number of cameras placed all around the city and the ludicrous places cameras are found, including the streets and in the toilet. In the second cell there are six cameras attached to the sides of buildings where member of the public are posing and talking into them. Then, in the fifth cell, a man on the toilet talking into a camera! This shows that there is something very wrong with the public today. That "something" is that we are becoming vain and "show offs". Readers, seeing the validity in Wright's argument, that surveillance is increasing, likely reject further such intrusions in their life. Evidence of our tolerant reaction to being observed is yet another one of Wright's techniques to persuade the reader. ...read more.


It almost seems that the world revolves around man. But there is one place that the elements rule over man - Antarctica. In Antarctica, the elements dominate any activity or research that is being done. Scientist have found that Antarctica has many hidden minerals within the ice. Some people are saying that we should drill into Antarctica for oil. However, what if the oil leaks and stains the ice? Antarctica would no longer be white but black; it would no longer be able to reflect the sun's rays, as black absorbs the sun. Then Antarctica would slowly begin to melt away, increasing water in our oceans and eventually flooding the world. That is why Antarctica should be conserved just the way it is. It would be a great experience for future generations to take a trip down to Antarctica to see a world untouched, as it was the last continent to be discovered by man. Future generation can see animals in their own natural habitats, like many varieties of penguins, whales and seals. Antarctica should be left the way it is - untouched by man but not untouched by the elements and the arctic animals. ...read more.

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