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"THE BIG LIFE" @ THE APOLLO THEATRE, SHAFTESBURY AVENUE CAST REVERAND- GEOFF AYMER KATHY- CLAUDIA CADETTE Mrs APHRODITE- TAMEKA EMPSON JAQUELINE SECRETARY- AMANDA HORLOCK ZULIEKA- ANTONIA KEMI- COKER ADMIRAL/ EROS- JASON PENNYCOOKE DENNIS- MARCUS POWELL BERNIE- NEIL REIDMAN MARY- YVETTE ROCHESTER- DUNCAN FERDY- VICTOR ROMERO- EVANS LENNIE- CHRIS TUMMINGS SYBIL- YAA WRITTEN BY- PAUL SIRRET MUSIC BY- PAUL JOSEPH DIRECTED BY- CLINT DYER BLURB The play/ musical is about a group of black people coming to England, from the Caribbean islands, in search for a better standard of living and hopefully to get a good job and settle there. The play just explains what the different people have to put up, and how their lives have become after coming to England. It shows how they resist women, how they fight off racism and of how they try to fulfil their ambitions in England. It is set back in the 1950's, where the country was very white- dominated, and English people were not accustomed to having people of other cultures around them. It is a very touching musical; with that little bit of comedy, added by Mrs Aphrodite, a member of the audience, talking of her own experiences in the 50's. ...read more.


In the next act, the first scene just shows the people getting up for work and sleeping; with the song pass me by in the background. It ends with Dennis saying he wants to return home. Then in the B&B, the men and women are getting in each others way and argue over who is better than who. There is no winner but both sides think they have won and are on top Ferdy decides to go to meet the professor, but is sent back by a rude, racist secretary. Ferdy sings the song the price we pay. Next, outside Piccadilly Circus, few people are there who include Jacqueline, the reverend, Ferdy and Admiral. Reverend has been pick- pocketed and Jacqueline lends him some money. They both exit as Dennis enters. He is surprised to see Ferdy, and Ferdy hides. Admiral comes and Dennis asks him advice on women. Dennis has to give him �5 for breaking the pact, and suggests a song, for which he charges too. Then Lennie comes along and Dennis hides. He also asks the same question, pays �5 and is given the same song and charges extra money for the song. ...read more.


It made you feel sorry at first, but when the Reverend got together with Jacqueline, to go on a date, the audience was very shocked and laughed. DIRECTORIAL CHALLENGES: I think that one major challenge for the director was having Mrs Aphrodite in the audience, but her telling her story to the others of when she was a young woman. This is because she would have to divert all the attention to herself while scene changes were taking place. I think it worked out well though because she had a spotlight on her, so the audience would know where to look. There was one part of the play that I would improve if I were the director. The song before the interval seemed as if the play was about to finish or had finished, and confused the audience for a little while. I would have had Mrs Aphrodite there after the song to say that there would be a short interval, so it would be clearer. CONCLUSION: I think the show was a successful one. It had a bit of everything in it. A little comedy, music, dancing and it had the serious side to it too. I think that the fact that there ?? ?? ?? ?? Zoya Khan 1354 13228 Wednesday 20th July 2005 Paper 1- Unit 2 ...read more.

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