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Billy Boy - creative writing.

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GCSE Creative Writing Produce a piece of creative work approximately 500 words long. This may be a short story or the introduction to a novel. Introduction to a novel: Billy Boy by Teddy Johnson Strapped to the chair, I await my fate. I try to break free, but the restraints are too tight... there is no escape... Strained Carrots. Damn. Why couldn't she cook some "Pukka Tukka" from the Naked Chef book we bought in Smiths? No imagination. I put my foot on the high chair tray and wiggled my toes, while waiting for inspiration. Finding none, I busied myself with the carrots, making sculptures of my family. Getting bored with this, I looked around the kitchen trying to catch my mother's eye, but she was on the phone, looking out of the window complaining to one of her friends about the state of the garden. ...read more.


I am currently learning how to count, I got some good counting tips from a "1, 2, 3, A, B, C" book, great books they are too, all you need to know about counting... great, really great. Aha, did I just hear the door slam... yes I did. "Stephanie, can you get that dear!" shouted mum with her head in the oven (cooking, not killing herself thank God, what would I do without mum). "Shut up, I'm on the phone!" she replied, though her voice was hardly audible though the racket her music machine made. "Fine" said mum running to the door, "but you are grounded for disobedience young lady." "Whatever" said Stephanie lazily. Dad walked into the kitchen and gave me the usual greeting; ruffles my hair, and turns my spoon into a pretend airplane, and tries to feed me, but oh no mister, that's not going to fool Billy... ...read more.


"Fine, I'd better go," said dad putting his coat back on. Mum said nothing; she just stared at the sink tears rolling down her flushed face. The door slammed, dad had left. I think that mum was having a crisis, maybe a mid-life crisis dad told me about, I do not know. Stephanie entered the kitchen and said, "What was all that noise?" (She probably couldn't hear properly through her loud music) "Did you two have an argument? Has dad left? 'Bout time, ' don't know how you can stand each other, you're both such losers." She then turned away and left for her bedroom, and mum gave a small sob and left too, leaving me alone with my thoughts. Little did I know that this one argument over a square centimeter of carrots on the kitchen floor would change the family's life forever. This is my story about seeing dad on the weekends and mum on the weekdays; my parents divorce. By Teddy Johnson 4D. ...read more.

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