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BILLY LIAR COURSEWORK: 'Explain how both humour and conflict are created in the scene in which Rita and Barbara clash'

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BILLY LIAR COURSEWORK Task: 'Explain how both humour and conflict are created in the scene in which Rita and Barbara clash' Billy liar is set in 1959, at the time of the teenage rebellion and the start of the swinging sixties. This is reflected in the play because there are still some 'old Fashioned' People around i.e. Barbara, which tells me that the 'new age' hasn't affected some people yet. And there are also people like Liz who are really taking to the new style of living. Where the play is set and where the family live tells me that they are quite a ordinary, boring family, if they lived in the middle of the country I would perceive them as being quite adventurous, Billy wants to move out of this normal place because he is not normal, with his strange imagination and random unneeded lies. The furniture in the house is of dreadful taste and the rooms are very over done which tells me that Billy's parents are not very imaginative which is a contrast of Billy. ...read more.


It's almost as though every scene that includes Barbara or Rita seems to make the chances of the to opposite personalities clashing. For example when Billy fails to get the ring from Barbara and then Rita is demanding it back and Billy tells her that the ring is at the jewellers, then the scene when Rita tells Billy that she has been to the jewellers but its not there. This is creating humour because Billy has to keep on making up lies on the spot that are obvious to us to be not true. It also causes more conflict because some of the time the person he tells the lie to knows that he is telling a lie. In the scene where Rita rings the doorbell of Billy's home and asks Billy about being seen with Barbara and about the ring, which ends up in her walking slowly away hoping that Billy will follow, but he doesn't, which then results in her returning later on where she walks into the house without knocking and sees Barbara which is where the main conflicts begin. ...read more.


"well, I'm very glad you have came, Rita, because fell I owe you a word of explanation." Rita then replies in a very rude and lower class manner "(imitating him) Oooh, I feel I owe you a word of explanation. Get back in the cheese, with the other maggots!" Rita is trying to create conflict between him and Billy and I think that this creates humour because her voice may be put out in a funny tone. I think by the time Billy next speaks he drops his act and starts actually trying to calm down the situation. The first time Barbara speaks the difference in class is obvious between the two characters. The reason why Barbara finally speaks is because Rita says "you can bring his rotten farther down. I hope you do. And bring his rotten grandma." I think this may of upset Barbara as she is a sensitive, caring person. I think Barbara would be the type of person to feel strongly about what Rita said when she referred to Billy's sick grandma as 'rotten'. Barbara replied "Billy's grandma, for your information, happens to be ill in bed." Will McClintock Page 1 09/05/2007 ...read more.

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