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Billy Liar; How would I play Billy

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Billy Liar; How I Would Play Billy Page 36, Act 2, Lines "...Rita, will you listen for one minute!... No, listen to what I'm telling you!" Until Page 39, Lines "He can't wash himself, never mind the pots." The reason I chose Billy to discuss how I would play his role in the play is not only I was him in the short scene presented to the class, but he has more to him than meets the eye. There are so many things which distinguish Billy character, and make him unique. Billy is proposed to three different girls, he starts tells small fibs to make his life sound more interesting, but gradually people realise that he is lying and he makes up more lies to get himself out of trouble. Eventually his life seems to be based on lies. In the scene I have chosen it begins with Billy on the phone with the domineering Rita. He seems to be over powered by her frequent and poignant questions not to mention her intolerant attitude. In this case I would play Billy with a sense of awareness about him, as if he didn't want anyone to hear what he was saying. By that I mean a softer voice, and he would keep looking over his shoulder to check no one was there listening. Towards the end of the phone call however I would make sure Billy would be getting worked up because Rita was saying that she would be going round there to collect the ring and she wouldn't take no for an answer. ...read more.


Or more likely, I would have a stall set up next to the table which the phone was resting on. On the table there would be a pad and paper, obviously the phone, and probably lots of paper work scattered along the table. Whilst the others are talking, Billy would be sitting down, checking his watch, looking around and out the window, and just putting his hands over his face in shame, thinking about what he had done. He would be very nervous. You may see his leg shaking very slightly. He may be biting his lip whilst having his eyes wide open looking around thinking hard about another way to get him out of the trouble he's in. On the line "You'll wait till bloody doomsday if you wait for that sack less article. He's not had a shave yet." Said by Geoffrey, I would have Billy get off the stool, and get up. He would grab the phone and dial a number in a hurry. Whilst it is ringing I would have him mouthing the words "come on," over and over until someone picks up. One leg would be shaking and he might have both hands on the phone. Finally someone picks up. He is quiet, almost whispering. He again is nervous and looks around to check no one is listening. He quickly mumbles "Arthur?..." He just checks it is Arthur he is talking to. ...read more.


All in all it's to prove a point. He slams down the receiver a lot harder this time, almost so loud that the people in the other room could here it. When Barbara says the line "Billy had been saying you'd not been well," I would have Billy walking over to the door and standing outside it for a few seconds. He would be smartening up, making himself seem calm and acceptable for Barbara (to impress her,) and Geoffrey (in fear). Once he had tucked his shirt in etc, he would quietly open the door hoping that no one would notice his entrance. When Billy had entered the room, he is worried that people would start to tell him off, which in fact did happen. Geoffrey couldn't help but have a go at him. Geoffrey asks him quick questions, hardly giving Billy a chance to get a word in. Billy answers, again looking at the floor, he is worried. He answers quite confidently, but doesn't feel like talking, so he starts to back off to the sofa to watch some television. Geoffrey is not finished, so as Billy is backing off, Geoffrey moves forwards, Billy cannot get away. Not long after Billy walks so far back he knocks into the sofa and stumbles. This represents the power Geoffrey has over Billy. ?? ?? ?? ?? Matt Armstrong Page 1 08/05/2007 ...read more.

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