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Billy Liar Secret Ending

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Billy Liar Secret Ending It's the next day and GEOFFREY and ALICE are asleep in their bedroom. BILLY is asleep on the couch. Snoring can be heard from upstairs. Lights are darkened on in the living room and turned on in the porch, where Rita and her brother TONY are approaching. Tony What did you say his name was? Rita Billy. (She opens her handbag and hands TONY a thick wooden baton) You know what to do don't you? Tony Give that little rat a good clip round the lughole! Rita There'll be no clippin' here lad, I want full on bloody scars on that boys head! Tony Aye, and I suppose you want me to hang him up on a bloody meat hook as well! Rita Just shut up and get behind this bush! RITA climbs over a nearby bush and signals TONY to follow Tony I thought you wanted me to duff him up, not play bloody hide and seek! ...read more.


He looks up. Tony Muck around with my sister will you! Before ARTHUR has a chance to explain TONY whacks him round the head with the wooden baton, knocking him out cold. Tony Got him! Rita I got the swine!... Rita? TONY look in horror at the unconscious body of RITA lying on the floor, an orange stuffed in her mouth. BARBARA is lying next to her, apparently unconscious. Bloody hell! He claps his hand over his mouth and looks away. BARBARA arises stealthily, and, showing much more aggression than earlier though possible charges at TONY and jumps on his back, knocking him to the ground. Barbara (stuffing another orange into TONY's mouth, he is struggling underneath) The...Ring...Is.........Mine! With one final burst on energy BARBARA succeeds in stuffing an orange into TONY's mouth. He stops struggling and becomes limp on the floor. ...read more.


and I have big expectations! I'm leaving you Billy! I'm leaving you for a better man! BARBARA pulls off the ring and throws it at Liz. She then proceeds to storm offstage eating yet another orange. The door opens and BILLY's head emerges. Billy (yawning) What's all the fuss about? His eyes scan the garden and an expression of shock hits his face. He looks at Liz and then at the ring on her finger. You're wearing me ring! Liz I know. Don't you think it suits me? Billy How did you get it? Liz The chunky lass gave it me. Billy The Wha'?.....Barbara? How? Liz Stop muttering. I'll tell you about it after you explain to me why you weren't at that bloody train station last night! Billy Well, to answer that question you'd have to first ask yourself............. BILLY's voice trail off into the background as the lighting fades and the curtain falls . ...read more.

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