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Blind Stalker.

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Blind Stalker The Blind Stalker was trailing the women with the rare blind spot. One of the women's scenes was coming to an end. He dressed in vermilion while he stalked her on the chase. He walked along the long loose lace, which was coming to a tragic end, underneath was the headless chicken, he chased. He swung round on the long pole with the moonlight shining on the sapphire sharp steel blade reflecting into the eyes of evil. Her eyes splattered in cold magma with the scream of an eagle as the echo of her pain ricocheted off each building on her way to her grave. She lay in terror waiting for death but the hospital came in time. A letter was left which lay sealed next to the blind body. The shivery detectives, seeing the living body with no eyes stood at the crime scene with goose pimples and searched for evidence. An envelope with a vermilion coloured ribbon hanging out next to the dirty, damp, drain. The envelope fell in the drain but the ribbon got caught on the side and the letter was saved. One of the detective's eyes spotted the ribbon and slowly; smoothly; steadily pulled out the letter. ...read more.


Be aware of your blind spot. Now you will be thinking 'I don't have eyes on the back of my head". Exactly my point. How can you see something if you don't know it is there? A major problem if you can't see what's in front of you. Imagine the difficulties blind people have to put up with. A blind spot can be red. But what does red mean? Crimson, scarlet, maroon or auburn...just remember every thing has many sides. Time to work out the full discovery of the initials. Once again the healthy sick detective read the fretful missive. "The stick is your life, your life is the stick. Not aware of the Stalker" a sudden stop and the written code - "Stalker" highlighted in his eyes relating to the initials as the first letter matches. It begins with a capital, which illustrates the possibility of the word being a name. For a second he was jubilant, thinking twice about the fact if he has really solved the crossword clue - Blind Stalker. Is it a name? What is it signifying? Or just maybe a code? His puzzled mind blinded him; he did not know where he was or who he was for seconds. ...read more.


Blind Stalker is locked in a cell surrounded by cracked walls and spiders tangled in their webs, hanging down from the wet ceiling but still locked behind unbreakable, steel bars. The empty room except for a wooden bed and rotten cockroaches for starters. All the evidence was enough for life sentences. It was time for Blind Stalker to be questioned. "WHY"? A long pause but still no reply to the nonsensical question. The detective's toes walked around and around the chair, the evil chair, throwing questions but no reaction at all. Second by second the detectives got more and more furious. The sweaty room and the sweaty detectives but Blind Stalker remained cool as ice. His silence was the most annoying it sounded like the wind stopped and everyone was dead. It was time for him to face the truth in a court. Silence with only justice involved. The silence of the devil is trying to get off the hook. Wide double doors opening with a scream of guilt walking through the aisle to the dock. He didn't speak, he didn't breathe but he was like a moving statue. The jury was out less than an hour. When they returned they declared that Blind Stalker was guilty. His nose whispered and his mouth sneezed. That was the sign of death. ...read more.

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