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Blood brothers

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Blood Brothers The play is written by Willy Russell, who is born just outside Liverpool, and that's also where the story takes place. Willy Russell grows up in a working-class environment, where he is, due to the school system of his time where the students are put in the different classes by streaming, placed in the lowest level of the classes, because his parents are unskilled-labours. He leaves school with an English Language O level as his only qualification to work for six years as a hairdresser. Later he returns to school to take supplementary training at an evening class in English Literature. After this he begins writing. Willy Russell's huge theatrical success has been Blood Brothers; a Liverpudlian folk opera about a pair of twins who is separated at birth and brought up in completely different environments. One of the twins grows up in a middle class house hold, and the other one in a working class house hold. The differences in which they grow up are clearly shown. The play examines the issue of social differences in Britain, how life is quite more difficult for the working class environment than for the upper middle class. ...read more.


This is also seen by the way she speaks. She speaks R.P. English, grammatically correct and with no sociolect, but on the other hand she speaks with a dialect. There are a few flashbacks in the story. In the beginning of the story the Mother sings when she was young, she went dancing all the time with her husband, and she was so pretty. But now she has turned 30 but she looks as she was 60. Now she has 7 children and no husband anymore. The frame is quite visible. When Mrs. Lyons "adopts" Eddie she tells the Mother that the twins will die if they ever get to know the truth about them. The Mother does everything she can to keep the twins apart and so does Mrs. Lyons, but in the end of the story the twins get to know the truth about them and they die because Mrs. Lyons shoots them. The role of the narrator is that the narrator tells what happens and what will happen in the story. He speaks idiomatic and that gives us a hint about where the story generally takes place; in a working-class-non-educated society. Mickey is from the working-class. ...read more.


She might have turned to the authorities, and would have got her baby back. And if the story took place today, a woman who's alone and is pregnant would get supplementary benefit, and then she wouldn't have to give up her baby. So if the story took place today, it would have taken another angle. If the story was staged in Denmark, then we couldn't tell the difference between the language that Eddie and his family use, and the language that Mickey and his family use. Then we couldn't tell if a person comes from a rich family or a pour family, because in Denmark we have different dialects all over the country, and there's no dialect that's more posh or better than an other. In Denmark everybody has a chance of getting a good education. That's because there isn't any streaming in the schools here. If Mrs. Johnston lived here in Denmark, she would have went in a school where she was equal with all the other kids, and had a chance of becoming what she wanted. Then she could have got a better education, and thereby a better job and then she could earn more money, so she didn't have to give up her baby. So we can conclude that the story couldn't take place here in Denmark. ?? ?? ?? ?? Charlotte S�rensen English Essay 23. maj 2007 Danmark Bente Nielsen - 1 - ...read more.

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