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Blood Brothers

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Blood Brothers Paragraph 1 The play is called Blood Brothers and it is written by Willy Russel. The family's lives are different because Mrs. Lyons is a rich woman who can afford a cleaner and to send Eddie to private school. Mrs. Johnston is poor and cannot a loaf of bread. This is shown in the text at the beginning. " Mum...Mum, there's no bread." The stage directions in the book give us descriptions of where the characters are and what they are doing. An example of this is 'Grabs a small shawl and arranges it below her dress'. Paragraph 2 A narrator is a person that sets a scene. They are in the play to give an insight of what is happening and what has happened. The narrator in act 1, scene 1 tells us what is going to happen. When we first meet Mrs. Johnston in act 1 scene 1 she is 30 but is said to look 50 due to the stress of bringing up 7 children on her own and also having to work hard to keep food in the house (which she is struggling to do). ...read more.


Lyons because she believe the child would have a better life with the rich Lyons family then being with Mrs. Johnston. Mrs. Lyons saw that Mrs. Johnston felt a little uneasy to do this so to make sure she would not ruin the agreement she made Mrs. Johnston swear on the bible that she would not go back on her word and to never tell either child that they are in fact brothers. Paragraph 5 Once Mrs. Johnston gives birth to the babies she stays loyal to her word and gives one up to Mrs. Lyons. Mrs. Lyons now fears that because Mrs. Johnston is her cleaner she would be too close to her adopted son. Mrs. Lyons feels uneasy about this and sacks Mrs. Johnston on the basis that she is worried that Mrs. Johnston would tell the child that she is his real mother even though Mrs. Johnston swore that she would never tell anyone. Mrs. Lyons makes a very strong statement by saying if Mrs. Johnston tells anyone "The twins will die". Paragraph 6 At the start of scene 2 the narrator says "the devils in the backyard". ...read more.


The two children told Eddie that that is what they always do so to be cool Eddie was cheeky. The policeman speaks to both mothers about the incident but again the difference in social class is highlighted. When the policeman talks to Mrs. Lyons he has respect for her and is very kind. He says "But I'd not let him mix with the likes of them in future". Yet when he talks to Mrs. Johnston he says "If I have anymore trouble from one of yours." This is giving Mrs. Johnston no respect has her children have been in trouble regularly with the police before. Paragraph 9 Mrs. Lyons is worried that with Eddie getting closer and closer friends with Mickey and Linda he will eventually find out the truth that she is hot his mother. Mrs. Lyons wants to move to the country to get away from the Johnston family and to make sure that the truth is never revealed. Mrs. Johnston also wants to move out of the city to the country because she is sick of the grotty city life and fed up with her kids getting in trouble. She says the fresh air of the country is much better for her children then the smoke filled air of the city. ...read more.

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