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Blood Brothers

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James Mason Blood Brothers Blood Brothers is a very popular play written by author and playwright Willy Russell. It was first performed in a Liverpool school in 1981. Willy Russell himself was born and brought up in Liverpool by his working class mother and father. At school he was an academic failure he left with one O level in English. After six years working as a hairdresser he went back to college part time to get decent qualifications. The play is about twin brothers born into a large family, one child is given up for adoption and the other is kept. The story shows how their lives have been linked since birth but gradually become separated because of the background and upbringing. At the end of the play blood is shed as both brothers are tragically murdered by Mrs Lyons the foster mother. I think blood brothers is more than just a documentary about the everyday lives of the twins. It is also a comedy, a musical, a drama but most of all it is a real life soap opera dealing with issues such as poverty, class, welfare, health, unemployment, adolescent relationships, family and education. ...read more.


The play is also a musical A example of this is in the opening scene when Mrs Johnston is telling us about her life so far. Theres a backing group who sing tunes from the 60's. It makes the opening scene funny, interesting and sad at the same time. The idea of going dancing runs throughout the play, it reminds the reader that the character of Mrs Johnston used to be a happy person who enjoyed her life. Another way Willy Russell keeps the audience entertained is by using a narrator who speaks in a ballad form eg. "did you ever hear the tale....one given away." This play also contains a lot of drama, melodrama and tragedy. From the beginning Mrs Johnston is a working class mother who has been forced to give up one of the twins by Mrs Lyons for illegal adoption. The twins meet up regularly without knowing that they are related. This is ironic because the audience knows that they are twins. ...read more.


More evidence of this is when the twins are caught by a Police Woman. The Police Woman says to Mrs Johnston that if one of the children misbehave she could be sent to court and then says to Mrs Lyons that it was more of a prank really and to dock his pocket money. Blood brothers is a ballad, evidence of this is shown through the play when the narrator tells a story in rhyme usually at the beginning of the scene eg. "So did you ever hear the tale of the Johnston twins, as like each other as two new pins" It is also a documentary, Willy Russel tells the life stories of the twins Eddie Lyons and Mickey Johnston from when they are born to the moment of their deaths. He tells the reason for their separation at birth, how and when they meet up during the courses of their lives, how ther lives take different paths and how they are eventually both murdered by a mentally ill woman. Therefore the twins lives are well documented. ...read more.

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