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Blood Brothers.

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Blood Brothers Coursework 'Blood Brothers' is a musical written in the 1980's by Willy Russell. It is set in Liverpool and is about two brothers. We went to see it at the Phoenix Theatre in London. Class was a major issue covered in the play - the Lyons family were upper class and the Johnson family were lower class. If this class system wasn't in the play then the meeting of Mrs Johnson and Mrs Lyons would not have happened, Mrs Lyons employed Mrs Johnson to clean her house so if the two different classes weren't addressed in the play then Edward would have stayed with Mrs Johnson, so this issue was also a theme that had a useful part in the play. The themes that ran through the play were Superstition - this was a main part to the play as it was the reason why Mrs Johnson could not do anything about getting her son back that she had given to Mrs Lyons because Mrs Lyons said that if ...read more.


used to play jokes with the police but when he's older and his brother has just killed someone he knows that he has to get away from the police and not play jokes. Also when Mickey and Eddy where younger they would do childish things like pick there noses or play in the mud and they could never keep still they were always fidgeting. When they became older they stopped doing these childish immature things and acted more maturely for example the way they spoke and dressed. In my opinion the actors that played the characters of Mickey and Eddy where very successful at showing the characters growing up. The atmosphere and mood of the play was created partly by the music and partly by the lighting. The different settings and time spans were indicated by lighting changes. If the lights were blue and yellow it created the atmosphere of being outside. When the narrator came on to sing the lights would change to colours that created an atmosphere that was strange. ...read more.


I think the slow music that went with this scene created a really sad atmosphere but helped to emphasise the current events. The end of the play will properly stay in my mind the longest because of how dramatic it was but it could have been staged better to make it more effective because I couldn't see the police standing in the audience I wasn't sure what was happening. I think they should have the police on the stage so they can been seen by everyone or have one police person on the balconies with a rifle so people on the dress circle and above could see he was aiming at Mickey. In all I thought the play had been staged very well the actors used all the space on the stage instead of staying downstage all the time and made very good use of the two different height levels on the stage. The play was very moving and the characters played their parts as they were in real life. If it wasn't a musical I don't think it would have had the same impact. ...read more.

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