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Blood brothers

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Jordan Robinson Blood Brothers How does Willy Russell create the boys' first meeting both comic and tragic? 'If our Sammy gives y' a sweet he's usually weed on it first'. This is a quote from Blood Brothers, written by Willy Russell. It is also from the meeting of the two twins, Edward and Mickey. Blood Brothers is set in Liverpool in the 1980's.The two boys, Edward and Mickey go through a lot of rough patches together, as they are born together and then die together. Willy Russell makes the play very effective with the uses of classes because Mickey is in the lower class and Edward is in the upper class. ...read more.


Finally there is Mrs Lyons, she is Mrs Johnstone's boss and she also bullied Mrs Johnstone to giving her a baby. 'Give one to me'. Mrs Lyons is telling Mrs Johnstone to give her a baby or else. Part 2 Before the boys first meeting Mickey gets in trouble for playing up near Edwards house. 'We're down the other end, near the pig houses in the park'. Mrs Johnstone doesn't want Mickey to play up there because Edward lives up there. When Mickey has had his telling off he goes outside and Edward is playing near Mickey's house and that is where the twins meet for the first time. Willy Russell has put hidden meanings into this play like society is wrong, and so are classes. ...read more.


'An...an' you would look after him, wouldn't y?'. This shows Mrs Johnstone has given Mrs Lyons the baby and is begging her to look after him. When the boys' cut their hands and shook them, this had a dramatic event because when they did it they called themselves 'Blood Brothers'. Conclusion The boys' first meeting was comic and tragic because it was humorous and entertaining yet sad and miserable at times. Willy Russell shows in this play that he rebel's against society and classes and I agree with him people shouldn't be separated into groups because of there wealth. If something changed in the play, like the twins not meeting I think they would both still be alive and Edward would be really wealthy. I enjoyed reading this book it was very entertaining and I've learned a lot about fate, superstition and classes. ...read more.

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