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Blood Brothers

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Blood Brothers 1. On stage left were the posh houses where Edward lived, on stage right were the council houses that Mickey and his family lived in. Upstage centre was a brick wall with a painted goalpost, lots of graffiti. The piece of graffiti that stood out the most was the word 'Everton'. Upstage right was a large alleyway. On both stage left and stage right in between the houses were smaller alleyways. 2. Mickey- Young Linda-Teen * Large sleeveless V-neck Pullover * Short Black skirt * Very dirty white plimsolls * High heeled black stilettos * Large dirty shorts- falling down. ...read more.


The voices also made these scenes realistic because the males made their voices higher. The scenes were made humorous by the games they played and how excitable they were. 4. One of the actor's performances I enjoyed was that of Sammy because he was a troublemaker. His performance was made effective by the sneaky attitude he had and the tough loud voice he used, this created the impression he had a lot of power over people and was in charge, but was never going to be punished for his actions. He only looked out for himself and seemed not to care for anybody else even his brother. ...read more.


I think the playwright managed the pathos, through the action and final song ' Tell me its not true' this causes the audience to feel empathy for Mrs Johnston as she has lost two of her sons and is going to be blamed for it all. 7. Class difference is apparent when the policeman catches Mickey, Linda and Edward because Mickey gets told off whereas Edward did not and the policeman laughs about it with Eddie's parents. This was because Edwards's family are rich. Another time class difference was apparent was when the boys were in school because Mickey went to public school and Eddie went to private school. ?? ?? ?? ?? Rosalyn Bolton ...read more.

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