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' Blood Brothers' by Willy Russell

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GCSE Drama Coursework ' Blood Brothers' by Willy Russell I decided to work with Roxy and Duncan within my group. I had worked with Roxy on many occasions during drama lessons; I knew she was very good at drama and reliable. She was very hard working and always wanted to make sure her parts were well rehearsed and all of her lines were learnt. Duncan had a lot of confidence in his work and ability to act. I had worked with Duncan on many occasions before not just in drama classes but in school plays as well. The whole of our group which included Alex Porter, but I didn't directly work with her, felt it would be good to have Duncan in our group because most of the scenes needed a male part. I had never worked with Alex before but I knew that she was a strong and confident actress. The entire group was very dependable and hardworking. We were all comfortable with each other and so we found it easy to work well in our group and reach our full acting potential. ...read more.


One of the only problems was that with the Liverpudlian accent we were rushing our lines, so had to learn to slow down but keep the same accent. In my first scene with Duncan we had to act like teenagers, which wasn't too difficult seeing as we are teenagers. As Linda I was a lot more confident and knew what I wanted, whereas Mickey seemed very shy and not quite sure how to act around girls. So I used very flirty movements, for example when Mickey went and sat on the wall, I went and sat very close and kept close even when he tried to move away or change the subject. In my second scene with Duncan I had to be a lot more forceful and threatening. I still maintained my strong nature. Every time Duncan tried to overpower me or grab hold of my arm I would immediately throw him off. This showed that even though I may have looked scared, I was still strong and confident and would not let him get to me. As Mickey was quiet during his teenage years, he had to stand quite far away from me, and not get too close. ...read more.


When we started to rehearse, we had great difficulty in getting the whole group together, there was always one person missing, this was due to illness. Luckily towards the end of our rehearsing time, everyone was back to normal and fit and healthy. I was very pleased with the final performance. We all did really well. We were all really nervous before we went on stage. Some of our group had never performed on stage in front of an audience before; I luckily had, so I wasn't too worried. The audience picked up with the humour of the first scene. Because we were acting people of our own age the audience could identify, and found it very funny! I kept the accent going all the way through my scenes, but remembered not to talk too fast. At one point Duncan and I got our lines in the wrong order, but we managed to carry on and didn't lose the scene. I felt that we could have had more movements in the scenes, like we had done in rehearsals, but we seemed to stay in one place and hadn't use the full space on stage. Altogether I felt that the performance went very well on the night, and that the audience enjoyed watching the play. 1 ...read more.

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