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Blood Brothers by Willy Russell - Analysis of a Performance

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Blood Brothers by Willy Russell Cast Mrs Johnstone Gillian Kirkpatrick Narrator Philip Sterwart Mickey Darren Morfitt Eddie Andrew Langtree Mrs Lyons Amanda Minihan Linda Ruth Gibson Sammy Daniel Taylor Mr Lyons Stephen Pallister Police/Teacher Jason Griffiths Donna Marie/Miss Jones Nikki Davis-Jones Perkins David Bingham Neighbour Sean Jones Brenda Linda Nolan Bus Conductor Mark Lawson Setting the Scene This Musical is set in Liverpool. It is about a working class mum (Mrs Johnstone) who gives away one of her new born twins to her employer so that she can lead a better life. The employer Mrs Lyons takes on one of the babies at birth and brings the baby up as one of her own with her husband. ...read more.


Not knowing were the Lyons have gone Mrs Johnstone is evicted out of her house so they can build new houses. They get moved to the countryside not knowing that the two boys would be reunited. The two boys meet have a lot to catch up on. They both get themselfs a girlfriend and Eddie goes to University while Mickey is left trying to get a job. The work place is then shut down making Mickey unemployed. The boys meet again when they were a lot older. Mickey and Eddie have an argument in a bank that Mickey is robbing because he has no money to support his new family. ...read more.


Washing lines, Milk bottles and Chairs were a few of the probes used. Music There was music used in this production. The music was the same all the way through but with diffrent word and in diffrent moods. It gave a scene of feeling to the show. It also let you know how the actors were feeling. Conclusion In conclusion I think that this Musical was great. They used the stage in such away that everyone could see and such a way that no one was hidden. The music they used was a great way of putting there feelings across. There was a narrator in the show. He played a vital part. He is not only a narrator but he is sometimes Mrs Johnstone's consciences. He gives her help and guidance thoughout. ...read more.

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