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Blood brothers coursework 'You're not the same as him, you're not' Mrs. Lyons says this because Eddie (her adopted son) has been playing with Mickey (

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Blood brothers coursework 'You're not the same as him, you're not' Mrs. Lyons says this because Eddie (her adopted son) has been playing with Mickey (Mrs. Johnstone son) at the johnstone home. The irony of this statement is that Mickey and Eddie are the same and they always will be. Mickey and Eddie are actually twins. Their mother Mrs Johnstone was pushed into letting Mrs Lyons adopt Eddie. Mrs. Johnstone couldn't afford to keep both babies and with the bribery and persuasion of Mrs Lyons decided to make the decision to give him away. Mickey lives in a shabby council house in Liverpool and his mum, Mrs Johnstone is extremely poor. 'If my child was raised in a palace like this one he wouldn't have to worry where his next meal was coming from' Part of a song from the play. This shows that mrs johnstone is 'jealous' of mrs Lyons and worries about her children and how she is going to provide for them. ...read more.


The police speak to Mrs Lyons very politely and advise her. 'An' er as I say, it was more of a prank, really, Mrs Lyons, I'd just dock his pocket money if I was you.' At fourteen years of age Eddie and Mickey both go to different schools. Eddie goes to a strict boarding school and Mickey goes to a normal secondary school. Both schools are quite strict. A quote from eddies school teacher 'No sir? Am I to punish you Lyons? Am I to have you flogged?' A quote from Mickey's school teacher 'You're both suspended' Both of these quotes show how strict the different teachers of Mickey and Eddie are. Eddie and Mickey also behave very differently around girls and especially around Linda. Mickey is very shy and doesn't like interacting with Linda. 'I didn't tell y' nothin'. I didn't ask y' to come, y' followed me' This quote shows that Mickey is scared of talking to Linda and being with her. ...read more.


On the other hand Mickey does. Under all the stress, Mickey resorts to crime to solve his financial problems. This ending in Mickey getting a 7 year jail sentence causes him to become depressed. Mickey is given anti depressant tablets and becomes addicted to them. LINDA: Mickey you don't need your tablets! MICKEY: Linda! LINDA: Mickey. You're workin' now; we're livin' on our own you've got to start makin' and effort.' This shows how desperate Mickey and Linda's situation is. In the final scene the music builds up and enormous amount of tension. Leading up to the final moment when both brothers are killed. The music lets you know that something is going to happen. The twin's difference in background set the scene for their premature death. Mickey was a poor low class boy who was destined to be poor and jealous of Eddie. Eddie was a rich high class boy who would be willing to help his friend, Mickey thought this as an insult and it was probably the reason that both twins were killed prematurely. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jason Briggs 10-5 ...read more.

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