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Blood Brothers Development.

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Blood Brothers Development Section 2 Meaning We chose to work on the scene when the two twins confront their particular teachers, which is a highpoint of humour in Blood Brothers. The scene informs us three elements. Firstly we see the completely different quality of education the twins are exposed to and secondly how similar the twins are despite this different learning environment. Thirdly the audience can see that both brothers are suspended, under similar circumstances, for insubordination. This scene conveys four of the main themes of Blood Brothers. The theme of twins is probably the most obvious thread in the play. The twins start out with identical opportunities but after separation they are forced into two different classes with disastrous results. In this scene we are forced to consider the effect of class upon life's outcomes. Rehearsing We worked as a team of four people. There was no difficulty in casting as we all had fairly firm ideas about which part we would like to play and nobody had any disagreements. ...read more.


In many ways the twin's insults were similar but we wanted to differentiate their performances. Firstly Edward was dragged into a dispute with his teacher over the locket he wears. We had Edward speak in a cultured tone, with a certain degree of smugness. His posture was elongated and haughty. His insult was at once shockingly crude and also wickedly witty. It was the sort of flip remark we sneakily admire but wouldn't dare say. In contradiction Mickey's insult is benign - "Fish fingers", but Mickey swaggers and larks about. The audience anticipates his comment being rude and we laugh gently at the humour. We have demonstrated how Mickey could have been so much more like Edward if he had benefited from a superior education. Character The character I chose to play was Mickey, the troubled twin. At this point in the play he is in his early teens and is quite a rebellious youth. ...read more.


In our performance we had Mickey resting his head on the table at the beginning, clearly deep in thought. Earlier that morning Mickey had seen his elder brother Sammy threaten the bus driver and it is very likely that he is deep in thought over that. Mickey visibly has the cares of the world on his young shoulders. Audience We intended, with our performance, to show how similar the brothers really were, even though they have been raised in completely different environments with different social codes. Secondly we wanted to make the audience laugh out loud; to make them smile at the expense of the teacher. Events went well and the audience responded positively to the boys' insults and they listened attentively to the dialogue. I found this to be a very entertaining part of the play. The boys' similar behaviours were compelling and I felt myself being drawn into the story. I liked the way we could simultaneously enjoy the rude antics and appreciate the dark progress of the tale. Richard Slade 10JDB Total word count 858 ...read more.

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