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Blood Brothers Essay

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We have read the play Blood Brothers written by Will Russell .In this essay I have been asked to look at the key scene, act 1 page 18 page 19. I will be look at the role of Mickey Johnson. The play Blood Brothers was written in 1981 and was first performed in 1983 at Liverpool play after it was successful it moved to London (west end) where Willy Russell added music .Willy Russell chosen the characters from a rich and poor background because he believed that what background you're from makes a big difference to the life you lead, he believed you had a better life, if you had a good education. The play starts in Liverpool in the late 1960's , early 1970's .On a rundown council estate .Mrs Johnstone was feeling depressed and sad because her husband had walked out , she had seven children with hardly any money to feed them and expecting twins. Mrs Johnstone is scared that her children will be taken away from her by social services who have already been round because she is ...read more.


have very short shorts on looking like he has had them for a few years, the soles of his shoes coming off , they were a size to small. Edward would have brand new clothes which perfectly fit ,his shoes are polished and would look as if they had only been warn once or twice. In his soliloquy Mickey would be sat at the front of the stage hugging his knees feeling sorry for himself "I wish I was our Sammy our Sammy's nearly ten." This tells us that Mickey admires his brother and wishes he was more like him .We know he is proud of his brother when he says, "He's got two worms and a catapult and has built an under ground den" This shows that he is proud of his brother .As the soliloquy progresses Mickey would role onto his back and spit into the air and would land on his face . "I wish I was our Sammy y' wanna see him spit". ...read more.


Even though the boys are very different, they become the best of friends. In this key scene they perform a ceremony this is were they become blood brothers. They are aged seven when they first meet, "ey we were born on the same day that means we can be blood brothers". Mickey pulls a pen knife out of his pocket and slashes Edward's palm and does the same to himself and lock their hands together, this makes them blood brothers. This scene is very important because it introduces the boys for the first time when they are aged seven. We also the difference in the boys as they are growing up (education, manners, lifestyle and personality) .This scene is the first scene were we see humour in the play were as in the other scenes there is only serious parts E.G. poverty giving baby away. We see in this scene the friendship develop so that they are inseparable from each other so they become blood brothers. In this scene conflict is created, the parents don't wont the boys top ever meet and the secret will be revealed to everyone and this is the one thing they don't wont to happen. ...read more.

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