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Blood Brothers Evaluation

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Blood Brothers Evaluation We went to see the play, 'Blood Brothers' on the 18th of November at the Phoenix Theatre in Leicester Square. I expected the play to be very emotional and sad, from the reviews that my friends had given me. The plot of the story is that there are two twins and they are separated at birth. As the mother has 7 other children to look after and is the only person in the house who earns money, she cannot afford to keep them both. After much persuasion she gives one away to her employer, Mrs Lyons, a woman who is rich but unable to have any children of her own. The twin who is given away grows up in a middle class household and the other twin who is kept grows up in a working class household. They become best friends 'blood brothers' without knowing they are related and the play ends tragically with the death of both twins. The play clearly shows us the differences in their upbringing and status. The stage helps show the difference between their statuses because it separated into 2 halves. ...read more.


Also the brightness of the light can affect the atmosphere, a bright light brings a happy mood but a dull or flickering light can create a sombre aura. They used yellow lighting at the funfair; this created a cheerful atmosphere. Whereas they used red when something bad happened or when someone remembered something and it was making them feel guilty. Like when the narrator was singing 'The devil's got your number' song he kept following Mrs Lyons and the light was red. This was effective as red is usually used associated with danger and anger. The narrator was dressed in black and this was particularly effective as black is a neutral colour but it is also the colour of death. I thought that he was good in the performance because whenever Mrs Johnstone or Mrs Lyons remembered something he stood behind them or walked near them as though he was their conscience and when they tried to get away from him he followed them like a shadow, hence the black was very effective. From the clothes that they wore the audience were able to see the difference in status. ...read more.


This makes him look old and as he always walked around with his head down, and his arms wrapped round him as though he was trying to comfort himself the audience can tell that his youthfulness and energy has gone even thought he is only 18. Linda, during her early teenage years- 13, 14- wore short skirts and looked quite tarty, showing her as a confident forward young girl. Later on when she becomes pregnant her hair is all drawn back and her clothes look a lot older than her age. The audience can tell from her appearance that she is tired and is finding it hard to cope. Edward clothes don't change that much and when he grows up he's happy and goes to university and his life is quite luxurious. When Mickey meets Edward after prison and in prison he says that Edward's had an easy life and doesn't know what it is like to struggle. Mickey doesn't accept Edward's money and the audience can tell that he is too proud to accept help from Edward. Mickey ended up suffering from depression, like many people from the working class background, as there was high unemployment in North London in the 1970s. Nadia Ahmed 10D2 Drama- 'Blood Brothers' Essay ...read more.

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