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Blood Brothers Portfolio.

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Blood Brothers Portfolio For this section of the exam we have been studying and exploring the play "Blood Brothers" by Willy Russel. We have used many explorative strategies to help us interrupt the text and show us the themes and issues of the play. I enjoyed most of the exercises we did, but found many of them challenging. At the start of the workshop, I found it extremely hard to use a Liverpool accent effectively, and I tried to get around this problem by not using one at all. However, I found that this did not solve the problem as the accent was an important property of the characters and emphasised the rich/poor divide. We used many explorative strategies to explore the themes, issues and characters brought up in the play. One exercise, which help me explore all of these, was hot sitting. We asked Edward and Mickey questions and interviewed them as an adult and as children. It was interesting to see that their opinions of the world were very similar when they were children, but very different as adults. This shows us, that no matter how similar two people are, if they are born into two different classes, they're paths will lead away from each other. ...read more.


I played Mickey, which I didn't find too challenging because all I had to do was lie there lifelessly. However it did give me a real sense of the atmosphere that I would expect to find in a situation like that. This was important as it helped me understand just how great the tragedy was, and how important it was to the plot. This exercise also showed me how Mrs Johnston invokes sympathy from the audience, were as Mrs Lyons is given hardly any. One of the important moments in the play, as far as Mrs Johnston is concerned is her "Marilyn Monroe" song were she earns her sympathy by telling the audience how unfortunate she's been. We explored this scene, and therefore her characters past by creating a sequence of still images which revolved around the lyrics to her song. We also marked the moment by doing a role-play in time to the music. We decided that the most important part of her past was when her husband walked out on her, because it was then that she would start to financially struggle, and that struggle would continue for the rest of her life. I played the husband, and I feel I did this successfully. ...read more.


We also decided that Mrs Johnston would probably be slightly embarrassed by the situation as well, and that we should make it clear that Mrs Johnson is please by Mrs Lyons sudden exit. To contrast this, we also improvised a role-play set in Mrs Lyons house. Mrs Johnston was cleaning when Mrs Lyons walks in. This immediately shows status, which was amplified by Mrs Johnston being on her knees cleaning, and Mrs Lyons immediately looking and finding faults in her work. However we decided to show Mrs Johnston's strength of character by making her choose to ignore Mrs Lyons' illustration of power, and not letting her be offended by it. In conclusion, I think Willy Russel did a good job of illustrating the social issues and class issues which were present in that time. I think our explorative strategies helped us fully understand the text and help us understand how the themes of the play affected the characters' lives. We see from the start of the play how Mickey was destined to be the unhappy one, and Edward seemed to have everything given to him. However both of the twins fate ended in the same way, this shows that while they did lead very different lives, they both died the same way, and had both their mothers to blame, hinting at the tragic inevitability which represents our lives, and the issues existing in our own societies. ...read more.

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