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Blood Brothers - The Evaluation

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Blood Brothers - The Evaluation On the 12th of February 2004, we went to the Phoenix Theatre in London to watch a production of Willy Russell's Blood Brothers. This was a play about two twins separated at birth and how they grew up in completely contrasting lifestyles. In my opinion, the play was excellent. The instant the lights were dimmed, I knew this play would be very good - the curtain effects at the beginning were... stunning. Some lights projected blue and red shapes onto the seemingly opaque curtain, and then the curtain seemed to change to transparent... The storyline was extremely closely followed with minor modifications, which, I think, only improved the production, for instance, a few bits were added (Mickey becoming a rock star for a while and Mickey asking Linda out e.t.c). The costumes used in the play were brilliant, and suited the era and the storyline - Mickey wore clothes that had holes in and that weren't in good condition, or very clean, whereas Edward wore exactly the opposite - smart, clean clothes. The other characters were dressed very accurately too - extreme attention was taken to detail - I thought the policemen at the end was real! ...read more.


The elements of comedy added to the play (Mickey spitting at things, Sammy with the worms in his pants e.t.c) made the play more enjoyable to watch. The actors' singing voices' were also very effective - at first, I thought it was dubbed, but no, it was actually being sung. They sang clearly and in my opinion, sounded like the CD. The way the characters mimed in the background when the main action was going on was also very effective (The people in the background collecting benefit during the 'It's just another sign of the times' song) - I find a play looks 'lifeless' if people are just standing in the background. The characters emotions were also fantastic. The crying looked realistic (no muffled laughing) and you could tell when they were upset (Mickey discovering Linda had been 'involved with' Eddie), scared (Sammy on the run from the police after shooting 'that guy') or angry (Sammy on the bus with his knife). The cast (Main characters) Mickey: The man playing Mickey was very good with staying in role; also he spoke clearly and confidently, and knew when to come in. He, in my opinion rehearsed well to create an accurate impression of this character that looked real. ...read more.


I could learn a lot from this performance - how to improve my stage techniques e.t.c. The way the stage was set out meant there were people all over the stage, not just in one place. This meant it was easier for the audience to see what was going on (in my opinion), and I thought this was a very effective technique. I also thought the way space was used was very successful - when the narrator encircled someone, it gave the audience the impression that that person was being 'singled-out'. This on the whole was an outstanding play, and the effects were first-rate, considering there wasn't a computer in sight. The actors spoke clearly and confidently, and stayed in role throughout the whole play. The props used were extremely realistic, and helped set the scene and the backdrop looked real. The singing also was superb, considering these people weren't singers, and the costumes... - fantastic. They helped make the play more enjoyable. Also, the way Mickey and Eddie died at the end was extremely convincing (they didn't get up immediately), and in my opinion, added to the effectiveness of the scene. Despite the play lasting for over two hours and the seat being rather uncomfortable, I couldn't take my eyes off it. This was an A* performance and I'd recommend it to anybody! Chee Kim Page 1, Evaluation 09/05/2007 ...read more.

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