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Blood brothers - The response phase.

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Drama GCSE Paper 1 Unit 2 BLOOD BROTHERS The Response Phase After previously reading the text, Blood Brothers, our task was to participate in two workshops. Both hopefully designed to enhance our knowledge of the text, and widen our range of drama techniques and medium. To help with the response of the play, Adrian Deakes joined us, to help with our understanding and feeling of the play, and to improve and develop our performances through the use of explorative strategies. Subtext was used in one of our exercises that day. In pairs, we devised a short performance about the first time that Mickey and Eddie meet. The audience knew that both boys were twin brothers but the actors themselves had no idea. Mickey and Eddie sit, eating sweets, oblivious to their background, "Oh, that sounds like super fun". They are both just enjoying each other's company. It is also used when Eddie, Linda and Mickey play together for the first time. "Hi-ya, Eddie. Look... we've got Sammy's air gun." Self-consciously Eddie is very aware of the dangers, "But Mickey...I mean...suppose we get caught...by a policeman." However, Mickey is unaware of the problem, and doesn't see the law as a big deal. ...read more.


She is dressed in high heels and short skirt. She is really attracted to Mickey. When she catches sight of Mickey, she hitches her skirt up even higher, undoes her buttons on her school shirt so that some flesh is visible and starts to walk in a really seductive manner towards him. When she reaches the spot where Mickey is, she whispers something in his ear, and then stalks off. I then, as Linda turned round and shouted down the hall, "See you on the bus Mickey. I'll save you a seat, lover-boy!" My partner helped me to get into character in this scene with his characterisation of Mickey. He played Mickey as a bashful teenager. Previously, Mickey had treated Linda as another one of the lads. Suddenly when he sees Linda down the corridor, aged 16 he acts differently. As Linda walks towards him, we see him stare at her breasts, and look flustered at doing so. He is embarrassed at Linda's obvious flirting and doesn't know how to respond. He quickly looks at the floor when he catches Linda's eye and is appalled when Linda addresses him so publicly about her feelings. It's five years later, and Mickey and Linda is a couple. ...read more.


We used prepared improvisation and spontaneous improvisation during exercises to help with our perception of the characters, and to give us an insight into the development of their personalities. This greatly helped in the portrayal of the characters as I could gain an idea about what their reactions may be to some of the stimulus. Cross cutting was used in the office scene when Linda was asking Eddie for help. The reason for this is to communicate to the audience the reactions of both characters, and their feelings and thoughts at what is going on n the scene. Role-play was used when becoming a particular character out of the book, Blood Brothers. Being in role helped me to gain knowledge of the characters personalities and I could then portray a character in a particular way. At the end of the day it was time to reflect at how these exercises helped me to understand what the play and the characters were trying to communicate to the audience. I felt that the play was trying to show the audience that coincidences happen. Throughout the days work, I felt I gained so much more insight into the play. Now, I can see that instead of the play being based on superstition and fate it ran deeper into the slightly more complexed issues, such as love, betrayal, and hidden identity. ...read more.

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