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Blood brothers - To What Extent Are Edward And Mickey Products Of Different Backgrounds

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To What Extent Are Edward And Mickey Products Of Different Backgrounds Blood Brothers is a play based in Liverpool during the 1980's. The play involves two main characters Edward Lyons and Mickey Johnstone. These two men were actually twins but never knew it until just before their death. Both children were actually split at birth, because Mrs Johnston could not afford to keep both children. During her pregnancy Mrs Johnstone worked as a cleaner for Mr and Mrs Lyons who was struggling to have kids of their own. When Mrs Johnstone found out she was having twins Mrs Lyons knew she could not afford to keep them both. Whilst Mr Lyons was away with his work, Mrs Lyons decided to secretly buy a child from Mrs Johnstone and this seemed to be the perfect solution for both of their trouble although Mrs Johnstone was unsure of this rather strange ordeal. The Johnstone family was a poor family. Mrs Johnstone was a single mother with 8 children including Mickey. Mickey was the youngest of all the children and received hand me down's from older brothers like Sammy. ...read more.


Shortly after Eddie's appearance Mickey is really hard up and decides to rob the local garage with Sammy his older brother but from hear onwards things seemed to go pear shaped. Whilst robbing the garage Sammy shot the shop owner in anger, and Mickey for being included in the crime got jailed for seven years. Stage Appearance Edward would be presented on stage as very posh and as an aristocrat his appearance would be probably exaggerated on stage. He might have worn a smart suit and waistcoat and maybe even a bow tie He would also of had a very clean appearance. However Mickey would probably be the complete opposite wearing tatty old handed down clothes and a very mucky and untidy appearance. Edwards's body language would have been very uptight and he would hold a very straight posture, unlike Mickey who would probably use his hands a lot whilst describing things and usually stoop whilst walking and standing. Edwards's voice would probably be quite high pitched and he wouldn't use any slang words he would speak quite slowly and have a very posh accent. ...read more.


You say smashing things don't you? Do you know any more words like that?" This quote shows Edward is totally baffled by Mickey's speech and has never heard words of such rudeness but he is intrigued and enjoys listening and learning this different culture's language. Edward's language also confuses Mickey especially when Edward starts talking about the dictionary Mickey has never heard of the dictionary but tries to cover this up to aid his misfortune "the dictionary. Don't you know what a dictionary is?" Mickey is really confused and replies "Course I do... It's a, thingy innit" Life in the early 1980's didn't help life especially for the poor with Margaret Thatcher cutting Liverpool's budget making life worse for Mickey and his mother but they're misfortune was aided by the Liverpool 47, who built thousands of extra houses and tried to improve benefits for the poor up until there imprisonment. This didn't affect Edward and his family as they were rich and wealthy and cared not for the poor, they had no understanding of money and other money related issues and this showed throughout the play. However Mickey was heavily affected by this a cut in Liverpool's budget meant a cut in child allowances which drastically took affect on the poor causing panic stricken family's including the Johnstone's. By Sam Coxhill ...read more.

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