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Blood-suckers They were all sitting on old worn down, wooden chairs, in a small tacky flat, Fiona, Charles, Alistair and Alex, were planning an expedition, to a large house in Transylvania, which lay at the end of a thin large cliff. There had been rumours of strange goings on, of ghosts and some apparent daemon like creature the natives have named Dracula. This was not the reason why they wanted to go to this horrific place, over the past couple of hundred years rumours have been passed from generations to generations, there were stories of hidden treasures, beautiful Jewels and gold left by pirate invaders around 200 years ago when, they apparently arrived and never left. Alex broke the silence, "Ok I think I finally worked out the way we can get there, but it will take time, if were lucky with the weather, then it will take 4 days, that is by car." Suddenly " what you have to be kidding, its ridiculous isn't there a quicker way," Charles shouted. "No, if there was I would have found it by now." "Dum ass" Alex murmured under his breath, "I heard that!!!" replied Charles. As they were shouting down each other's throats Alistair walked through the door, "Ok guys I got every thing, food, tents, spades, weapons, but now were low on money so we had better watch it!" "Weapons! ...read more.


There was a door at the end of the room, it led to a set of long, circling stairs, they walked down, with their fingers clenched on the triggers of their guns. They reached the bottom of the stairs, to find themselves in a small room which seemed to have no light in at all, they went back through the door in to the lighted stairway and pulled their lamps out and lit them, they walked back in to find them self's face to face with a large cobweb stretching from one wall to another, then all of a sudden 10's of little spiders came scattering out, followed by a large human size one, "What do we do?" Cried Fiona, "What you think SHOOT!!!" Shouted Alex, They all started shooting first at the small ones, then the giant one, they pulled out of the room into the stair way, they tried to block the door, it was hard the large spider was ramming in to it, then when it was to much Fiona lit a stick of dynamite and then Alistair and Alex opened the door she chucked it in, shut the door and ran up the stairs, as they reached the top they heard a large thunderous bang, the floor rumbled, and in the kitchen they were in the old cupboards fell off the wall, Fiona slipped and hit her ...read more.


What shall we do," he called There was a large scream from Fiona, Charles turned to see, the creature biting into her neck, her face went pale, there was a look of freight on her face, that one look would send a shiver up your spine, a small stream of blood started to fall from her neck down across her white flesh, it dropped her. The creature turned its head up and round very slowly and looked at Charles, his body went white and cold, he went to kick the door down but before he could, it was over the beast grabbed him on the head, lifted him up, and looked straight at him, Charles tried to struggle free, but his grip was to strong, "What are you?" he said slowly in freight, "Your worst night mare!!!" said the beast with a red glance from his eyes, as soon as he knew it, the creature was sucking away at his neck, after a few seconds it all went black, he fell dead, and the beast just vanished. There was a loud thunder bang outside the house and a big streak of lightning hit the house, there was a hideous laugh coming from the house. The fate of these young adults was dire, but it teaches us one thing, were there are riches and treasures hidden it is for a good reason. Death follows all who try to deify it! THE END Edward Semprini form 4 original writing course work 1/7 ...read more.

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