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Blue Remembered Hills

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Blue Remembered Hills Blue Remembered Hills revolves around a summer's afternoon in a remote country setting and is about seven children and the tasks they go through in a day. The play includes many forms of cruelty for example; physical bullying, animal cruelty, child abuse and emotional bullying. Blue Remembered Hills was set in 1943. The play contributes to the theme cruelty in a number of ways for example Peter shows physical bullying when he says "I will! I'll spit! Right in the middle of your face..." I think the reason why there was so much bullying taking place is because the boys want to show they're the alpha male. As the play was set in 1943 it relates to World War 2 you can tell this because the children play war games. I think this also adds to the cruelty because it's the children have grown up around war and violence and it's all they know. At one point in the play it shows how the children poison apples to try and kill the Germans, this shows they have been bought up thinking they should be trying to kill people. ...read more.


Potter display's cruelty in other aspects during the play, another is war cruelty. War cruelty is dealt with in a number of ways; the first is the way the children react to the Italians. As shown on the T.V and in the book as soon as they hear the sirens they automatically think the Italians are after them as nobody has told them any different. They are also constantly worried someone is after them as shown in the text and T.V a number of times for example they poison an apple and give them to the Germans so they die and can't come and get them. Physical bullying is prominent in the play Blue Remembered Hill's, it is shown a number of times one of them is when Peter asks if he can have some apple Willie says "You can have the core." Then Peter replies "You can have my fist." I think this shows that Peter may have experience violence during some path of his life as his instant reaction was to answer with violence. In the play everyone bullies each other in the group which shows how they were bought up with bulling surrounding them for example the boy with a stutter bullies a girl with glasses. ...read more.


is trying to say how the place where the barn burnt down, which the children shared many happy memories, will never be the same and they will never be able to visit with out thinking of the tragic things they did that day the poem goes; "Into my heart, an air that kills From yon far country blows What are those blue remembered hills? What spires, what farms are those? That is the land of lost content, I see it shinning plain. The happy highways where I went And cannot come again." The essence of the conclusion is to suggest that childhood does not always bring about happy memories, in fact the opposite is often true, and the experience of childhood is often taken into the adult world. Dennis Potter was being ironic at this point, he claimed that if children were bullies at that tender point in their lives then it was plausible to believe that they would be bullies in adulthood. The part of the play which affected me the most, was to see the character of Donald when he was rocking and isolated from the others, showing the state of a disturbed mind. I would recommend this play for the viewing of all ages. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jenny Irving 11F2 ...read more.

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