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Blue Terror

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Blue Terror In a small but busy part of California it was another long boring day at the private detectives office. "it's been four months since someone hired me" said Mr Barret to himself as he threw a dart at the dart board he was playing with, when the phone rang, Mr Barret immediately took his feet of the desk sat upright and picked up the receiver. "Hello, Private detectives office" said Mr Barret anxiously "good afternoon Jack, it's Chief Inspector Waren, we have a case for you if you're interested", recognising the police chiefs voice and a bit shocked Mr Barret replied "What happened to Detective Mould, why didn't he get the case", taking a deep breath the police chief replied "he's dead !, he was found dead this morning at his house, that's why I want you to investigate" Mr Barret replied slowly "I'll take the case", the police chief than said meet me at Detective Mould's house immediately", in a hurry Mr Barret replied "I'll be right there". Mr Barret and Detective Mould were old rivals, Detective Mould always got all the cases and evidence because he was the only detective working for the police. Mr Barret is a private detective he is an organised and serious person, he das a good repetition of successfully completing cases he is hired for, he is in his early thirties and quiet fit. ...read more.


Arriving at Biotech Laboratory Mr Barret was impressed looking at the highly impressive architecture of the building. Mr Barret went in and asked the secretary where he could find Dr Lazarus the secretary said "Dr Lazarus has gone out of town for a few days but you can meet with his assistant for the time being". Mr Barret asked "What his name?" the secretary replied "Jim, you can meet him down the corridor, first door on the left". Mr Barret walked down the long corridor noticing the grey marble floor in through the first door on the left where he saw a young scientist like person mixing a few chemicals in test tubes, Mr Barret coughed to get his attention and the man turned around "are you Jim" asked Mr Barret. The man replied "yes, how can I help you" replied Jim, in a soft voice. Mr Barret asked "What was Dr Lazarus working on" Jim a bit hesitant, took his glasses off to give them a little clean replied "he was working on a solution that can make human beings stronger, faster and more resistant to dieses" just as Jim finished his sentence a cold voice replied "that will be all Jim, I'll take it from here". Mr Barret turned around he saw a thin man with grey hair a white lab coat with an identification card saying Dr Lazarus. ...read more.


Johnson and Mr Barret went in towards the room where Mr Barret had been earlier as they reached the room they heard Jim Shouting "give me the formula to the new solution and I will let you live" and then they heard Dr Lazarus "never, it's my life work I will not let you steal it". When Mr Barrel and Johnson went into the room the shouted them to freeze Dr Lazarus was cowering in the corner of the room. Jim's neck was bleeding slightly, when Jim saw Mr Barret and Johnson he got out a test tube from his pocket containing a green chemical and drank it. His colour changed blue and in a matter of seconds he was a beast. He charged at Mr Barret but Mr Barret and Johnson shoot him till there bullets ran out. The beast fell to the ground but to Mr Barret and Johnson's amazement the wounds were healing up again and the beast got up again this time he grabbed Johnson and threw him across the room knocking him unconscious. Then he started advancing toward Mr Barret but suddenly Dr Lazarus ran across the room and stuck an injection into the beasts arm with a yellow chemical in it which killed the beast. Dr Lazarus explained to Mr Barret how Jim wanted to steal the Dr Lazarus's formula and modify it to make himself more powerful. Mohammed Umar English Short Story Page 1 of 4 ...read more.

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