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Body talks Drama Play

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Body talks: By Simon Jeffery. Characters: Simon: Marcus. Marcus is a boy who sleeps with Malisa at a party. He goes away shortly after sleeping with Malisa and comes back three weeks later to discover that he is a farther to be. And he may have passed a sexually transmitted disease to her. Like aids. Ann-Marie: Lisa. Lisa is the girl at school with the worst repetition. She has had many boys in her life. But she doesn't seem to understand the consequences of under aged sex. When she meets Malisa see pressures her to going to one of her parties. She later tells Marcus that there is a problem with Malisa. Sara: Malisa. Malisa is the girl who has the pregnancy threat and aids as well. She sleeps with some boy at a party and later believes she may have aids and be pregnant. She later decides that if she may be pregnant she states that she wants to keeps the baby and raise it. Chris: Brian. Brian is Marcus dad he is a very religious man who reads the bible every day and believes that you should remain a virgin till you are married as the bible says. He has been a widow for two years and has not moved on or forgotten the death of his wife. Plot: The plot of this act is to deal with teenage pregnancy, which gets connected with peer pressure. A girl gets pregnant after having a one-night stand with some boy who she meets at a party. ...read more.


Malisa: why did you just hesitate when you said I promise? Lisa: look I promise I will not laugh. Malisa: ok I think his name was... umm... I think it was... Lisa: come on girl I'm pretty sure he hasn't got all night. Malisa: ...umm... Marcus... I think. Lisa: Marcus Malisa: yeah Marcus. (Looks at Lisa and sees on her face that she isn't very happy with her choice of boy.) What's wrong? Lisa: oh nothing... it's just be careful will you please don't ever let him pressure you into stuff that you don't want to do. Trust me it happened to me. Malisa: why are you telling me this? I don't want to know what happened to you. I came here to have fun and maybe find some one good looking enough to go out with. Lisa: ok I respect that. But what I don't want you doing is making a decision that you know that you are gonna regret. Maybe for the rest of your life. Malisa: tch... look just let me do what I want do and you do what you want to do. (Exits room and goes back upstairs to see Marcus.) Malisa: how about that drink... Marcus... Marcus where are you? Marcus: I'm in the bathroom. (Marcus walks out and he goes to the bar and gets Malisa's drink.) What did you want again? Malisa: Malibu and coke. Marcus: well have you spoken to Lisa yet? Malisa: yeah. Marcus: what did you speak about? Boys I'm guessing? Malisa: yeah we was both talking about you. ...read more.


Marcus: well I don't understand then where did the aids come from Malisa? Did you have a blood test? (Malisa walks out of the room ignoring Marcus and goes home) Marcus: Malisa what do you think you are doing? Brain: Marcus... Marcus let her go. Marcus: dad I have to find her. Brian: no you're bloody not going anywhere until I have some answers Marcus: you can't stop me so move. Brain: no way your going to tell me what happened. Word for word. (we go back to the party and Marcus tells his dad what exactly happend on that night) Marcus: well I was hoping that I could kiss you? Malisa: well ok (lights go out but we still hear the two talking) Marcus: come on it will be ok. Malisa: I don't want to I'm not ready yet I want to wait till I am old enough and till some loves me. Marcus: I love you... why else do you think I wanted you alone? Malisa: I don't want to! Marcus: look it will be fine... what can go wrong... I have got protection. Malisa: ok. Marcus: are you sure Malisa: yeah... I'm sure. Marcus: and thats it i promise. Brian: well i thought that i wasnt going to have to do this. (pulls out a old bible and starts to quote from it) "flee from sexuality." All other sins a man commits are outside his body, but h ewho sins sexually sins against his own body. Do you not know that your body is the temple of the holy spirit, who is in you, whom you have recieved from God? You are not your own; you were brought at a price. Therefore honour God with your body. ...read more.

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