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Bonfire night.

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Bonfire night Finally, bonfire night had arrived and excitement filled the air. The fire was as hot as lava it burned the core of my soul. Bright yellow orange, flames danced, flickered knowing they were being watched by an amazed crowd. The fire was a dragon roaring with fury and spitting charcoal, with the immense heat that slapped your face. In the middle of the dragon stood guy Fawkes. He was stuffed with wool, it was wearing a tatty blazer, his eyes were painted red, and he is standing on a big bulky brown stick it looked like a demon. You could smell the wood as it was burning it smelt like charcoal. Above the dark black clouds were low and hairy in the skies, like locks blown forward in the bleem of eyes. People watching the bonfire were in high spirits. The babies were crying because the fire was too hot, and the dogs howling like wolfs, the owls in the trees were tooting. ...read more.


I felt a drizzle of rain on my head, all the people quickly got out their umbrellas in case it started to rain heavily as the guard did more fireworks the more brighter and beautiful the sky looked it felt like it was daylight. You could hear the people saying 'oh look that ones beautiful', 'that ones my favourite'. If you listened carefully you could hear their voices echo. Suddenly it started to rain really heavily. People ran left and right towards their cars, some people ran straight ahead. I was running as fast as I could to find some shelter, it muddy everywhere my feet squelched into. As I looked into the distance I could see the kids little legs running for shelter, following their parents. The food tasted like a soggy sponge because it was wet. People had thrown the food on the ground it smelt of over dated food. The fire was going out, now it was more of a dark red orange colour it looked like Satan was standing in the fire. ...read more.


When I looked up in the sky I saw the most beautiful colours they were as bright as glitter, it looked like glitter had been thrown in the sky. It smelt like gunpowder was burning in the air it smelt like tarmac, I could taste it in mouth it tastes like deodorant. Then the man shouted hears the grand finally I heard a loud bang then when I looked up in the sky I saw the most beautiful multicolour in the sky. After 15 minutes everyone had left. The ground was empty it was all quiet all you could hear were the dogs howling and the owls wings flapping as the owl was flying from one tree to the other. As the fire brigade was coming you could hear the loud engine from a distance, when the fire brigade was putting the fire out you could hear the firemen's voices echo around the ground. As I was walking home I was thinking how wonderful the fireworks were. By ISHTIAQ AHMED ...read more.

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