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Book 9 -12 Odyssey Essay

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Laurence Sodbinow Life and Decisions In Homer's The Odyssey, Odysseus endures long agonizing suffering as his life grows on; he is left to a fate no mortal wishes to endure. He is left on Calypso's island after the Trojan War to wait until him slow death, but the gods convince Calypso to let him go. He travels to the land of the phaecians where he tells of his hardships and growing pains as his long life continued on. His fate takes him to the Cicones, Laestrygonians, Sirens, Scylla, the whirlpool, the Cyclops, Circe, Helios's cattle, and Calypso. In all these Odysseus learns and teaches others, sending knowledge to generations to come through his stories, just like his Kleos will pass on for centuries and centuries to come. Odysseus encounter with the shows him what life truly is and how to use it. Odysseus learns the truth about life: It's short, live life to its fullest, value your family. The Odyssey is all about lessons and stories, which inspire others and guide others to be successful as well. Odysseus's meeting with the Dead teaches him to worship life cause life is so short. ...read more.


It shows for Odysseus to effectively use his time with life, he must never forget who he is and what he has endured. From Teiresias, again and again he is reminded that he needs to take control, or the balance between temptation and greed will be overcome. He also is reminded that even though Teiresias has been stripped of his sight, he is not stripped of his courage and dignity as he sings the way he does. He expresses his thought through his spirit, and gives advice to others like Odysseus the bard, gives advice and guidance to others. He learns to create a bond within ourselves by having trust to be the best we can be since " balance is Best in All Things". Leave the beasts unharmed, your mind set on home, and you may all still reach Ithaca- bent with hardship, true- but harm them in any way, and I can see it now: your ship destroyed, your men destroyed as well" (11.125-128) this shows that through this book, the stress is on temptation and having control instead of recklessness. Odysseus needs to be wise about choices unless he will return home, a hero lost in despair without hope. ...read more.


It inspires me to do strive to do better, just as stories inspire the Greeks to reach for Ar�te. By Odysseus teaching us, we have the responsibility of teaching others. Traditions and history is passed down from time to time. Our history gets passed down, and their history gets passed down. We must make the most of our time here on Earth to be considered "Heroes". Odysseus life lessons is important to the world can be related to the Iraq War the USA is currently in. Why make war if our lives are so short? Why put more stress on our lives, as it is Soldiers die everyday, in wars. Serving our country might be the path of some, but is that really how we want to spend our only lives? Do you want to be remembered for just another person for stopping a war, or someone who single handedly stops a war? Odysseus shows us to be sneaky, and to use insight such as his Trojan horse to make the most of our lives to reach Kloes. It's the little things that add up to big things, so make use of what you have cause it is better then death. In Odysseus's visit to the underworld Odysseus learns the truth about life: It's short, live life to its fullest, value your family. ...read more.

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