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Book of the Dead...

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Book of the dead Part 1 June, 1760 My name is Alice. I live with Mrs and Mr Blackwood in an old house on Oxford street in London. My life is not a girls life, it is not a happy and glamorous life like the girls I see through my window. No, I am held in my room all day long. I do not go to school and I have no friends. I am practically chained to a bar connected with the cold wall of bricks in my room which is downstairs, in the basement. In here, I barely exist. There is a stream of light coming from my only window. A normal person would not call it a window, but it makes me feel better to say that I have a one. Every day, the morning light shines on a spot in the corner. I love this corner. In fact, that is were you are right now. I used to sit on my mattress reading books but that was before they took them from me, the candles. It was last month when I piled all my books and burned them, trying to torch the house and make my way out of this miserable life. ...read more.


However I think it is my destiny to write you, and how can I avoid my destiny. I am not a writer so please do not bother about my lousy formulations and thoughts. Actually I do not even know what to start with, so I will just jump in to reality. I will have to close the shop, we have not got any profit in days, weeks. What am I going to do? If there only was a way to get rid of my debts. When Ben is in France fighting off those bloody Germans, there is no one here to help me out and I can not find a reason to continue. For twenty satisfying years I have been running this shop and it has worked fine until now. We get no groceries at all at the moment, just bombs. With bombs everywhere and alarms going off every single hour I simply can not work efficiently. Last year when my lovely wife Elizabeth died in pneumonia we all seemed to start our own lives separated from each other. I am running the business, Ben is fighting in the war and Maggie is married to that young bloke William Jones. ...read more.


She said she would write again but she never came back, some one else wrote here instead. 180 years later in the same place. It seems that neither he came back all though he wrote he would. This must be our relative! This is who my mother got this house from but there is still some things to explain.. This man wrote that his family was the very first to live in this house. Hopefully my phone has got a few answers. Here is an old parish registration book on Wikipedia. Apparently there was a fire in 1804 and it was rebuilt on the same ground and same old basement beneath the house. This would mean that even if there was a fire the book would not been harmed and the Hughes family moved in when it was rebuilt. It also says there was a Mr. and Mrs. Blackwood who lived here in 1760 but there is no daughter by the name Alice registered. What this means I will never know. She is gone forever. It seems that this diary has two former owners and that at least one of them are related to me. Now when I posses this most confusing book it feels like I should use it too. Dear diary. Isac Haglund ES3B 20/9 - 2011 ...read more.

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