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Book Report. Chinese Cinderella is a compelling autobiography by Adeline Yen Mah.

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 Book: Chinese Cinderella   Author: Adeline Yen Mah Page: 227 Publisher: Penguin Group Chinese Cinderella is a compelling autobiography by Adeline Yen Mah. First person narration is used to write in the book. This story happened in the period of Second World War and there were three main cities that they have been to. First in Tianjin, then in Shanghai lastly in Hong Kong. The main character of the book, Adeline is born in a wealthy family. However, she could not get happiness in her childhood. Her family marked her as ‘bad luck’, because her birth caused her mother’s death. ...read more.


She was frightened that her life will go similar with her big sister- forced into an arranged marriage. She thought her stepmother treated her as a leper because her stepmother forbade her daughter taught by her. During this frustrating period, her grandfather and her third brother encouraged her. Adeline was motivated by her grandfather and joined a play-writing contest. Unfortunately, her beloved grandfather passed away during the time. Anyway, she still needed to settle down and continue her long life. Till the day her father noticed Adeline won the international play-writing contest and granted her wish to study in England. ...read more.


At the same time, if a person do not has confident, he will always be the loser, never try to fight with the evils. I liked this book quite a lot. I have learnt a lesson about treasuring everything I have. It is bliss to get a family who loves and cares about me. It is hard to live like Adeline without parents loving. Besides, it taught me some special vocabularies. Adeline detailed expressed her feelings and surroundings. In conclusion, it is my pleasure to read this book and Adeline?s experience will be in my mind forever and reminding me not to give up easily. ...read more.

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