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Book report - "I am Number 4" by James Frey and Jobie Hughes under the pen name of Pittacus Lore.

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´╗┐Personal Book Report Sunny Pal Mr. Finlayson Monday November 13 2011 The book, ?I Am Number Four?, is a science fiction novel written James Frey and Jobie Hughes under the pen name of Pittacus Lore. This story is about a fifteen-year-old alien boy named John Smith who travels to Earth from a distant planet named Lorien. When he came to earth he was very young and fit in perfectly with the rest of the humans because the Loric look exactly like humans and have similar habitudes. He moves to Ohio after he is discovered by an alien race bent on killing all of his kind. John makes friends and a girlfriend for the first time in his life. Sara Hart is John?s girlfriend and the daughter of Mrs. ...read more.


The consequences of this are that he, for the first time, has to face the Mogadorians. In the fight, Henri dies and John is left on his own. The two most elaborated literary elements in the story are conflict and setting. The conflict is displayed in the characters behaviours. Although the antagonists aren?t always physically present in the story, they are always omnipresent in the protagonist?s hearts and minds. This is displayed by every decision and every move that the protagonists make, especially Henri. Their enemies, the Mogadorians, influence Henri?s every move and his every decision is made to protect John and himself. John and Henri change locations very often, because of this, Lore describes the setting vey well. Lore describes the surroundings mostly for its natural beauty and describes it very well like when John and Sara go for their walks in the woods, and the Halloween festival in the forest. ...read more.


For Superman, after the antagonist finds out that Superman is in love with Lois Lane, the antagonist targets her and gets close to the hero?s heart easily. I think that ? I am number four? is an amazing book. I find that Lore?s style of writing is very engrossing and dramatic. This makes every chapter interesting and keeps the reader anticipated about what is going to happen next. That is a very good way of writing because personally I find that reading something dramatically written is very interesting. As a joke, I recommended this book to my friend, who does not like reading, and I knew he wouldn?t read such a big book. I was surprised when the next day he was half way done reading the book. It reinforces my opinion that this book is appealing to all readers and can prove to be a great read. ...read more.

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