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Book review of "Holes"

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´╗┐Book review on Holes A gripping, humorous and action-packed ?Holes? consists of three different little stories woven into one. The foremost plot is the enthralling friendship between Zero and Stanley whose pasts although they seem unlike, are in fact, interlocked. The book is packed full of adventure and frequent coincidences, which leave you wanting to read more and more. ?Holes? tells the story of Stanley Yelnats, an overweight, coy and especially unlucky boy. The bad luck goes back to when a curse was placed upon Stanley?s ?no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather? by a fortune teller - Madam Zeroni. This is proven when Stanley is falsely accused of stealing a pair of baseball boots worn by Clive Livingston and Stanley soon sees himself sentenced to eighteen months in a ?juvenile correction facility?- Camp Green Lake. ...read more.


The simplistic style appeals to all ages, young and old. But, the book contains some darker elements, too. Such as: poisonous lizards, criminal behaviour, severe punishment and prejudice. This could prove a little confusing and cynic for a younger audience. The weaving stories within the novel may also require a more advanced audience as well. But, intelligent readers, who would obviously be interested in reading the book, will have no problem though. ?Holes? is very suspenseful too. This is demonstrated when Stanley is told rattlesnakes wont bother him ?usually?, you wont die ?usually? but if you get bitten by a yellow-spotted lizard you will die low and painful death ?always?. This creates tension and suspense, which is a frequent occurrence in this book. ...read more.


Another prime theme, in the book is the unique friendship between Stanley and Zero. During the course of the book, the reader sees their friendship grow, and we find out that their relationship is particularly important. The reader sees how the need for one another, eventually brings them together initially- Stanley teaching Zero how to read and write, and Zero digging a part of Stanley?s hole. This progresses and they then form a solid and strong friendship, which is shown when Stanley runs after Zero. So, their friendship leads to their mutual survival and wealth. The genre of the book is predominantly fiction- realistic- considering the events in the story did not happen, but could have. But, it also contains some aspects of adventure as well. ...read more.

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